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GBC.AI gets the recognition of NVIDIA with a $100k grant for further research

GBC.AI, a company developing methods to completely implement AI in the blockchain industry, received a $100,000 grant from NVIDIA via the Amazon Web Services(AWS) Grant Program. The well-deserved recognition was achieved through the groundbreaking work done by the team backing the project.

GBC.AI is building a universal AI framework to study and dynamically optimize blockchain parameters based on collected data and simulation models.

The core project by GBC.AI is their Guardian of the Blockchain, reflected in the company’s name. The Guardian of the Blockchain is constituted by AI-powered algorithms that analyze the blockchain and detect the potential vulnerabilities via reproducing the blockchain’s flow amidst the changing settings.

The team is striving to finally provide a solution that is fully compatible with any existing blockchain. With numerous successful integrations under their belt, including Solana and Velas in particular, the team is considerably optimistic about attaining their goal.

When reached for a comment on this momentous achievement, Chief AI Officer of GBC.AI Robert Vasiliev underlined that the recognition of NVIDIA is actual proof of the quality of the significant job done by the GBC.AI team. He stated:

“We couldn’t be more excited that NVIDIA appreciated our efforts in applying AI to blockchains. Our simulations are very dependent on hardware resources, and a significant part of our budget is being spent on this. Recognition from a respected and well-known company like NVIDIA is a solid validation of our efforts.”

About GBC.AI

GBC.AI incorporates artificial intelligence(AI) into all blockchains in a transformative way. We nailed down exactly how to implement our proprietary AI with DLT technology leading to optimization and improvements. GBC.AI wants blockchains to become dynamic and, more importantly, become self-aware. This is accomplished by detecting protocol issues and ensuring that vulnerabilities are pre-actively dealt with before they become problems, keeping blockchains efficient and safe.


NVIDIA Corporation operates as a visual computing company worldwide. The Graphics segment offers GeForce GPUs for gaming and PCs, the GeForce NOW game-streaming service and related infrastructure, and solutions for gaming platforms; Quadro/NVIDIA RTX GPUs for enterprise design; GRID software for cloud-based visual and virtual computing; and automotive platforms for infotainment systems. The Compute & Networking segment offers Data Center platforms and systems for AI, HPC, and accelerated computing; Mellanox networking and interconnect solutions; automotive AI Cockpit, autonomous driving development agreements, and autonomous vehicle solutions; and Jetson for robotics and other embedded platforms.

Media contact: Annie Clain
Outreach Manager GBC.AI
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.