Gamefi represented by Crazy LUYA to become the latest investment trend for decentralized games



United States, 28th Apr 2023 – According to a Forbes report, Morgan Stanley, one of the major Wall Street banks, predicted in a report released to investors last Thursday that by 2024, the metaverse market will reach $8 trillion and could become the next generation of social media, streaming, and gaming platforms.

Brian Nowak, an Internet industry stock analyst at Morgan Stanley, stated in the report that the metaverse is currently mostly conceptual, but its ideas are limitless. Different types of virtual worlds could potentially transform the way people interact entirely.

The gaming industry is experiencing rapid growth with prominent social attributes.

For many years, gaming has been a critical area of the entertainment industry, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated its growth. According to data from Morgan Stanley Research, in 2020, the number of US gamers was 50 million, a YoY increase of 31%, while user growth in the previous two years was only 7%.

For investors, three key trends are worth watching: firstly, the number of gaming players and the time spent on gaming are increasing; secondly, players can play, compete and share with others from around the world, creating a global consumer market; thirdly, the popularity of microtransactions and other forms of paid games provides more ways for investors to benefit.

Despite the stereotypical portrayal of gamers as anti-social, gaming has increasingly become a means of establishing and maintaining social relationships.

Represented by Crazy LUYA, Gamefi will become the latest investment hotspot for decentralized games. 

The Crazy LUYA metaverse platform leverages cryptocurrency and blockchain smart contract functionality, allowing developers to design blockchain games while allowing players to own and transfer in-game loot NFTs. This is done through a peer-to-peer marketplace for secure buying, selling, and trading, creating an open metaverse ecosystem.

In addition to the pattern advantages of the Crazy LUYA platform itself, the Crazy LUYA team is also worth noting. The Crazy LUYA team comes from designers of several well-known projects, including Decentraland and GODA. In February 2020, they launched a decentralized virtual reality world supported by the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to create content and applications and monetize them. Users can purchase virtual land plots, create customized avatars, participate in governance, and trade rare digital collectibles.

Crazy LUYA is a multiplayer online fishing casual mobile game that opens up a fun and magical journey for players. Players explore and catch different types of fish in the waters of the continent. Successfully catching each type of fish can earn rare materials and digital assets, which are entirely self-controlled by the player and can be used to upgrade and strengthen fishing rods or freely bought, sold, and collected. The game currently has twelve open maps, each with mission levels that must be completed to unlock the next map’s storyline. The deeper maps have richer resource rewards, and the fish there are especially fierce, requiring players to have stronger fishing gear to conquer them. The game also features three limited-time dungeons, greatly increasing the speed at which players can obtain various resources.

After the release of the Open Island mode in Crazy LUYA, players can not only obtain various grades of materials but also rare NFT fragments during their exploration in the game. These fragments can be synthesized into NFT digital assets with excellent attributes that can provide additional benefits to players’ characters in the game. Both the NFT fragments and NFT digital assets can be freely traded.

Crazy LUYA fishing rods are divided into seven quality levels and eighteen levels, with three attributes attached to each level. Each upgrade provides powerful fishing skills, and the higher the level of the fishing rod, the more resources players can obtain while fishing. To ensure the balance of the material ecology, a success rate mechanism is introduced for fishing rod upgrades, with higher-level fishing rods having lower success rates to protect the economic system from inflation and enhance the value of items and materials in the ecology. Players who want to go to higher levels to obtain more resources need to continuously upgrade their fishing rods. All the materials needed can be obtained through fishing or purchased from other players in the market. We have embedded a free-market trading mechanism so that every player can generate value in the game ecology.

The Crazy LUYA team members have participated in numerous AAAA MMORPG games, and the NFT designs include some world-famous IPs as well as some of the earliest mobile MMORPGs. Crazy LUYA has become an important link in the layout of web3.0 in Europe and America.

In the ecosystem of Crazy LUYA, everything revolves around the LUYA token as the means of circulation. In Crazy LUYA, each item is developed using the ERC-721 protocol, ensuring the independence and transparency of the items and making the circulation within the Crazy LUYA platform more convenient. This has also addressed the pain points of traditional Gamefi platforms, such as difficult transactions, lack of quality gaming platforms, and lack of traffic.

In the future, Crazy LUYA Metaverse will aggregate various large-scale 3D RPG games, casual games, farm experiences, and other high-quality games. Each game developer will use the latest large-scale UE5 engine for the best quality in terms of texture and economic model design, bringing new experiences to players and allowing them to truly experience immersive Metaverse games.

In the future, all users will be able to use the Crazy LUYA token to purchase clothes and accessories in-game to express their personality and connect with other people in the virtual world.

In the Crazy LUYA metaverse platform games, the Crazy LUYA ecosystem circulation token can be used to purchase energy props, new lives, or ad-free subscriptions. It can also be used to buy weapons to enhance the gaming experience or purchase exquisite cars to show off to other players. The entire design of Crazy LUYA reaches the pinnacle of the metaverse game, and users can even invest in real estate in the digital world.

Crazy LUYA metaverse will be the new benchmark leading the metaverse. Among various existing platforms, Crazy LUYA embodies its unique game mode and payment model. It strictly controls game makers and players to achieve a perfect integrated future metaverse game platform. As the only circulation token of Crazy LUYA, it also has promising future value.

Crazy LUYA Gamefi will be the new benchmark leading decentralized games. Among various existing Gamefi, Crazy LUYA embodies its unique game mode, and LUYA as the only circulation token of the game also has promising future value.


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