Fye Music Entertainment Raises $1.5 Million dollars as CEO Kamyrn Perez closes the record label’s angel round with China Capital Group 

Fye Music Entertainment Raises $1.5 Million dollars as CEO Kamyrn Perez closes the record label’s angel round with China Capital Group 

Los Angeles, California, US — Fye Music Entertainment was originally Established by CEO @Kamyrn Perez with seed round funding of $500,000 USD. The Record Label has recently closed its angel round investment of $1,500,000 USD led by SUN Capital Management & followed by IMC Capital Investment

Early 2022, Kamyrn Perez teamed up with the Official ZeZe-Junior Partner of Chinese Capital Investment Firm SUN Capital Management Group, based in Hong Kong, China. “Capitalizing Fye Music Entertainment was a power move for our investment portfolio,” Said Official ZeZe. The company is currently going through its transition of investment to digital assets and resources.

Kamyrn Perez CEO of Fye Music didn’t start with an easy career. Battling the hardships he endured in his life while pursuing a full-time music career was extremely difficult at the time. Fast forward to 2019, Kamyrn signed his first partnership deal with Bentley Records- a Sub Label under Warner Bros. Since then, Kam has participated in different partnerships with Soundcloud, Sony Orchard, and took on a role as an A&R with Bentley Records. When looking at new talents, Kamyrn Expressed his emphasis on the artist’s character. “Having a unique character is the key to an artist’s success,” said Kamyrn. His experience as an A&R and Former Media Executive has well prepared him for his role.

“Artists Signing into a label without understanding financial knowledge is a major loophole in the industry,” said CEO Kamyrn Perez. Fye offers more than just artist management & development, being the first label to offer Artist Financial Consultation is the key to helping Artists reach the pinnacle of their careers.

“The world is going through its new transition into the post-pandemic era, the traditional business model will slow down in growth as the new model take place.” Said Official ZeZe. In the next 5 years, Fye will focus itself on iO Development as well as the creation and establishment of a Blockchain-powered distribution platform that will allow music lovers to buy in the percentage of their favorite artist’s royalties.

Recently, Fye Music Ent has Co-signed Sony Artist Sunnie Quing, Los Angeles artist TŁO, Long Beach artist Wb23min, and Executive Producer Jun5beatz. The Label’s intention to expand has never stopped. The rise of the Asian Entertainment Industry such as in Korea & China has caught on to the eye of Fye Music Entertainment. We look for Talents not just in the US, but around the globe” Said Official ZeZe. The Label’s recent partnership with Tencent (QQ Music), NetEase, and other international platforms has allowed the Label to provide its artists with a winning edge on a global scale. 



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