FXRally Broker Says Get In On The Ground Floor Of These Stocks For Massive Growth In 2022

London, UK — One sector that looks poised for growth in 2022 is healthcare. This industry was one of the few bright spots during the pandemic, as people around the world turned to health services and products to keep themselves safe. Healthcare stocks have already begun to rebound from their 2020 lows, and they could continue to rise in value next year. Another sector that could do well in 2022 is technology. The tech industry was hit hard by the pandemic, but it is expected to bounce back quickly. In particular, 5G technology is expected to take off in the coming year, and that could mean big profits for tech companies. Finally, energy stocks are also worth watching in 2022. The energy sector has been struggling for years, but there are signs that it could be poised for a rebound. Crude oil prices have been rising in recent months, and that could mean higher profits for energy companies. Of course, these are just a few of the many sectors that could do well in 2022. FXRally broker says if you’re looking to invest in the stock market next year, be sure to keep an eye on all of these industries.

Meanwhile here are the top stocks that will continue to dominate in the New Year:

United Rentals (URI)

United Rentals is a rental company with over 1,100 locations in North and South America. In the first quarter of 2019, their revenue grew 30% to $2 billion with an 80%-higher profit margin of 367 million dollars versus the previous year’s result. However, stock prices have taken some beatings recently which provides investors with awesome opportunities for gains if they’re able to buy low before it happens again! United Rentals has a variety of equipment for rent, from small tools to large earthmoving equipment. They offer both daily and monthly rentals, as well as the option to buy used equipment. Customers can also sign up for equipment maintenance plans to keep their machines in top shape. Whether you need a tiller for your garden or a bobcat for your construction site, United Rentals has you covered. So, investors can take advantage of their current stock price and invest in United Rentals for potential growth!

Best Buy Co. (BBY)

Best Buy is a leading consumer electronics retailer and services provider. For fiscal 2023, BBY guided for same-store sales growth to decline between 1% and 4%. In March they announced that beginning in April 2020 they will purchase $1 billion worth of their own stock each year through buybacks on an annual basis – which could help lift earnings per share from 9 cents currently all the way up near 12 bucks by 2025! BankofAmerica has also put out advice recommending a “buy” rating with a 135 price target. Best Buy’s strong e-commerce capabilities, a wide assortment of inventory, and trusted relationships with major suppliers give it an edge against many of its competitors. The company is benefiting from migration to digital content, 5G infrastructure build-out, and accelerating trends in the smart home. Management has done an excellent job navigating through the Covid-19 pandemic. Best Buy is a best-in-class company that is well-positioned to continue winning market share. We are initiating coverage with a Buy rating and a $135 price target.

Seagate Technology Holdings (STX)

Despite a rocky year, Seagate Technology remains a leading manufacturer of hard disk drives for consumer and enterprise computing applications. The company has seen its shares drop 26% this year, as they navigate supply chain challenges tied to Covid-19 restrictions in China. Fortunately, demand remains strong despite these short-term issues which analyst Wamsi Mohan says is due largely thanks to increased pricing efforts that have offset rising materials costs along with logistics difficulties (all while keeping profitability intact). This news means there could be more opportunities ahead – especially given today’s market conditions! So if investors are looking for a company with promising prospects, Seagate Technology may be worth considering.

Warner Bros Discovery (WBD)

Jessica Reif-Ehrlich, an analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (AA), forecasts that the entertainment industry will see long-term growth opportunities despite recent acquisitions by competitors such as Disney and Midwest Studios. In her report released on Apr 27th, she said: “While these firms may be able to capture some market share with their latest purchases…there’s still potential within this segment given its size–around $40 billion.” Her target price suggests more than 150% valuation upside if we assume an Industry Value around this number—which would make it one of today’s most expensive stocks!

Reif Ehrlich, CEO of Warner Bros Pictures Group is confident that her company can continue to create shareholder value through this new avenue. She cited the success of HBO Max as a proof point- which has already achieved over 50 million subscriptions despite launching just last month! With such vast intellectual property and content creation capabilities between them, they are well-positioned for competition in what’s been called “the next big thing”.

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