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Funding U Launches September 2021

Funding U is the first company to provide forex traders with full sponsorship for prop firm funding challenges.

Launched by a group of successful retail traders to help underprivileged traders make more income, Funding U is a company looking to help hundreds of people change their lives in the coming months.

If you are a trader struggling to get the capital you need to make significant monthly gains, reach out to Funding U through their website today!

Apply to the company for sponsorship and if you are accepted, you will be asked to take their FREE demo challenge to prove your trading abilities. Once you pass their challenge, they will fully cover your fees to apply for a $10,000 USD funding challenge with a prop firm so you can start to make an income stream from what you know best. Trading.

As you remain consistently profitable over a span of months, they will help you unlock more funding, up to $250K USD.

If trading is your passion and you have a good risk management strategy, then you’ve got nothing to lose.

Join the Funding U community today!

“We want to see your potential. We are Funding U!”