Funded Chaplaincy Training Program With Credit For College Students Launched

College students who sign up for the recently launched program will get up to one year of college credit, which can go toward their bachelor’s or associate’s degree. It will also enable them to start practicing their vocation and earn a teacher’s salary.

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The National School Chaplain Association’s (NSCA) recently launched program coincides with an article published in Christianity Today that discusses the need to bring prayer back into the school system. According to the report, the lack of spiritual care and moral guidance has resulted in more psychological and emotional problems in children and teenagers. Further, the report explains that the lack of support leads to poor performance in school, difficulty coping with stress, destructive habits, and even suicide.

Chaplains give these children and teenagers a safe space and are trusted confidantes with whom they can share their problems. Most schools do not hire therapists or counselors for their students, leaving them to take care of themselves emotionally. The goal is to help students navigate their emotions and to guide their decisions through prayer and scripture. Learn more at

The NSCA has three levels of chaplaincy training. The first level is for those who already have a chaplaincy certificate from another country or organization and only need placement assistance. There will be very little training involved, and they will only be briefed on the style of chaplaincy the association believes in.

Level Two is a 48-hour course in collaboration with Oklahoma State University. The program runs for eight weeks, with an average of six hours of classes per week. College students who take this course will get one college credit or three CEU credits upon completion of the program. This course is open to those with a teaching background or those who have worked with youth programs in the past.

Students who have not served in youth programs or don’t have a teaching background are encouraged to take Level 3. This is a one-year course that counts toward their degree. Upon completion of the course, they get their chaplaincy accreditation and will be ready for placement. This allows them to earn a teacher’s salary and get work experience while studying at the same time.

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