Fundamental Analysis Education For Day Traders, Chatroom & Mentorship Update

MIC mentors are industry experts who have years of day trading experience and have developed a library of resources for day traders of all levels. They now offer mentorship and on-demand lessons on fundamental, technical, and earnings analysis, to help traders understand the market and make better stock picks.

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The announcement coincides with a New York Times article, which points to the growing number of beginner traders who fail after following viral trading advice on social media. According to the report, short-form content on TikTok and Instagram is not enough to explain the complexities of trading and the stock market, and amateur traders are better off joining a community of professionals.

MIC was created for this purpose. Their team of professional traders creates on-demand lessons, is available to answer questions in the community chatroom, and offers one-on-one mentorship. The online trading community focuses on small, consistent wins and treats trading like a business instead of a gamble. No matter the size of the portfolio, they believe in trading stocks the same way as hedge fund managers do because this increases the trader’s chances for long-term success.

MIC members get a daily trading blueprint with pre-planned price levels, entries, exits, and stops, which they can use as a guide when making their own stock picks. Students also get unlimited voice calls and direct messages with their mentors without additional consultation fees.

Along with the mentorship program, MIC has weekly webinars that give students up-to-date information about effective strategies in the current market situation. The club also has a podcast called MIC After Hours, where students can hear real-life stories of traders who mastered the stock market using skills they learned from MIC.

“The most important thing for new traders is to know what they are looking for. How can you keep up with all the charts or tape? It’s impossible. You’re going to be confused and overwhelmed. But when I was chatting to mentors, they gave the best advice, and I focused on that process,” a recent podcast guest explained.

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