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From Childhood Hobby to Working with the Stars: The NeeziieBabiie Story

We all remember our childhood passions, the things we were so crazy about we kept telling people how we were going to make it big in said business. However, for many of us, this only remains at a youthful hobby level, never actually walking that extra mile, and actually building a successful career for ourselves. That’s not the case for NeeziieBabiie, however, who has been working as a brow technician from the tender age of 14.

What started as a hobby in her youth rapidly became an all-consuming passion. Pretty soon, everyone could tell that for NeeziieBabiie, brow threading wasn’t just a game, but that she was actually really talented at it.

For NeeziieBabiie, this was the sign she’d been looking for, to keep doing what she was doing, and take it to a professional level. She launched her first independent business, Threaded Beauty, as a young woman of only 19 years old, while pursuing a degree in nursing. Pretty soon, NeeziieBabiie’s path was set.

Ever since opening her business in 2011, NeeziieBabiie has worked relentlessly, not only to make it, but to actually grow. She managed to open more locations, including one in Las Vegas, which she counts as one of her most impressive achievements. However, working as a freelance, self-directed brow artist and entrepreneur, she’s had her fair share of ups and downs.

“With every good there are some cons. Being an entrepreneur means you are definitely working 24/7 meaning because you don’t ever clock out like a regular 9/5,” she points out in an interview, careful not to gloss over the hardships involved in building a successful business. “You are constantly trying to make your business better and even more successful all day long and whenever you do have a free moment. Your mind never stops running on what you need to do for your business, however this is what it takes to be successful. The pros definitely outweigh the cons for me.”

And we can see why. With the clever use of Instagram and other social media apps, NeeziieBabiie managed to build her brow threading into a successful business and an Instagram sensation, with her official business account at almost 400k followers. Her work hasn’t gone unnoticed by celebrities. NeeziieBabiie collaborated with LeBron James’s wife, and did her brows, after which other celebrity gigs followed.

“Social media has also allowed me to have celebrity clients like Lebron’s James wife,” NeeziieBabiie says, discussing the use of social media platforms to market her business. As a dedicated and highly successful entrepreneur, NeeziieBabiie admits she gives her social media presence a lot of power, and understandably so, since it’s what has paved her success at large (other than her formidable skill, of course). “Instagram is the only way I market for my business. Instagram is the reason my life changed, and I became such a household name for brows.”

At the end of the day, for NeeziieBabiie, it was a mix of hard work and entrepreneurial skill, but it paid off, since she’s one of the most recognized names in the brow beauty business today.