Frisco Temporomandibular Joint Therapy | JVA Biometric TMD/TMJ Diagnosis Updated

The enhanced services combine advanced biometric testing, known as joint vibrational analysis (JVA), with a multi-stage therapeutic approach. First line treatment is a reversible, non-invasive method that is carried out over a 12-16-week period, with a 95% success rate reported. Second-phase non-reversible options are also offered for cases that are more difficult to resolve.

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The recent update is designed to provide more effective relief from the discomfort and disruption often caused by TMD. The clinic states that its biometric testing offers a more accurate and timely diagnosis, allowing it to recommend appropriate treatment before the condition progresses.

A recent report from Cleveland Clinic highlights the variety of symptoms that can accompany temporomandibular joint disorders. They include pain in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and upper back, headaches, earaches, difficulty opening the mouth and/or chewing, ringing ears, and tingling fingers. Cleveland Clinic recommends consultation with a dentist if one or more of these symptoms are present.

As one of Frisco’s leading dental practices, Millennium Smiles has incorporated some of the latest technologies to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD. The addition of joint vibrational analysis improves those capabilities and uses sensitive equipment to detect and record the vibrations made when a patient’s jaw is moved.

Millennium Smiles points out the impact that untreated TMD can have on an individual’s health. Along with increasing pain in the face and upper back, the condition can result in loss of the ability to chew, loss of function in hands and fingers, and anxiety/depression. With the latest update, the practice offers a rapid and non-invasive test that can help to identify problems at an early stage.

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In addition to TMJ diagnosis and treatments, Millennium Smiles offers a broad range of advanced dentistry capabilities. These include obstructive sleep apnea appliances, MLS laser pain management therapy, and cosmetic services.

One client recently stated: “Millennium Smiles provided us with extremely friendly service from our first visit. The clinic has state-of-the art technology and a few extras that make your time at the dentist actually enjoyable. I would recommend this office to everyone.”

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