Fresno High Efficiency HVAC Appliances Installation & Inspection: Service Update

The median age of a home in Fresno, CA is 40 years. Homes built 40 years ago or more are often quipped with inefficient heat and duct systems, some of which are still wrapped in asbestos. Newly updated services at Semper Air by Semper Solaris offer complimentary inspections of homeowners’ HVAC systems and appliances to reveal potentially harmful materials and educate homeowners about today’s high-efficiency options.

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Industry studies reveal close to 45 percent of home energy costs are devoted to older, inefficient appliances. Semper Air has introduced a new, complimentary service that inspects appliances for problem areas and introduces homeowners to what today’s technology offers. An updated HVAC system optimizes efficiencies, reduces energy costs, and produces cleaner, healthier air.

While almost half the homes in Fresno are over 40 years old, AC units that are 10 years old or more, or in disrepair, not only won’t perform, but they also add significantly to home energy costs.

Signs an air conditioning unit needs replacing include its age, reduced cool air flow, if it’s slow to turn on, if in-home humidity is rising or the unit is producing an odd odor, and higher than normal energy bills.

When it comes to furnaces and ducting, outdated systems risk wasteful inefficiencies while exhaust pipes that are cracked or compromised can leak carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless byproduct of combustion that can be deadly.

Semper Air technicians say higher than usual utility bills, a pilot that won’t light, less heat in the home, and the need for frequent repairs are all signs a furnace needs replacing.

Today’s advanced heating and air conditioning appliances can give homeowners more control over their indoor environments, including the temperature, humidity, ventilation, and indoor air quality. High-efficiency HVAC and air filtration units also reduce energy costs.

Homeowners interested in converting to solar energy can all but eliminate utility bills. Semper Air’s parent company Semper Solaris specializes in solar panel and battery charging systems built to deliver substantial cost savings and a significant carbon footprint reduction.

A company representative says, “We are a local and veteran-owned heating and AC company. All our products are American made, come with lifetime warranties, and we offer discounts to military personnel as a way of thanking them for their service.”

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