Freelancing opportunities coming to blockchain through PRDAO

United States – PRDAO is a new freelancing platform that allows Web3 projects and individuals to access freelancers for various marketing needs. The platform will utilize a bad actor grading protocol to validate the quality and impact of the work or services submitted while ensuring that all parties are satisfied with their project outcome. Looking to introduce more flexibility to the Web3 world, the PRDAO platform welcomes anyone to offer and buy marketing services and skills, writing, graphic design, moderating, report generation, social media management for blockchain companies, and more.

Announcing the new platform and its commitment to bringing freelancers closer to web3 projects, the PRDAO spokesperson noted that they primarily support projects on the Algorand, Ethereum, and Solana blockchains. Ryan Shriver, speaking for the company, added that they are interested in setting the foundation for more inclusivity and access to talent pool, especially as freelancing is projected to increase by nearly 40% over the next 5 years.

Speaking further on what to expect from PRDAO, the project spokesperson said: “PRDAO allows people to pay marketing professionals and allows 95% of the fee to go to the creators and the proofers of the final product. Marketing tasks can range from writing blogs, designing graphics, designing websites, consulting, managing the community, managing social media channels, interviewing projects on an established podcast, or even creating video content for your channels.”

As international companies are reviewing blockchain as the future of their companies, they can tap into the wealth of talents and opportunities offered on PRDAO to get their projects started. Web3 projects and individuals using the platform to source for talents can rest assured that they won’t have to worry about the quality of submissions made to them, especially as the platform leverages multi-factor algorithms that distributes and validates work, thus creating an honest and sincere submission for token rewards.

Freelancers can use the PRDAO opportunity to key into the future by earning in crypto and owning crypto for future needs. The platform remains honest and transparent, with a well-thought-out and designed roadmap available to all interested persons via their website.

Web3 project founders, business owners looking to transition into the future of their industries, and freelancers are welcome to use the platform for their specific use cases. Visit the PRDAO website for more information.

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