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Free Franchise Concept Launching With A Prior Shark From The TV Show Shark Tank

A Melbourne, FL, company has announced the full launch of a unique free franchise opportunity that shattered every franchise record in the history by boarding 73 in 3 weeks while over 1,000 were waiting for their free franchise last year with a pilot.

Speedy Franchises has announced a unique ready-made franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners in the industries they currently serve as well as many other business types coming soon. The Melbourne, FL company has plans to offer 1,000 already existing Independent Sales Offices (ISOs) of various sizes around the country an opportunity for a free franchise within the next 12 months under their Speedy brand. They support these offices by giving them a “business in a box” they have been working on for almost a decade to put together that includes almost 200 items for free. And according to a company spokesperson, they can take the most struggling office currently and make them highly successful and profitable and accomplish this almost overnight as well as help already successful one’s scale at an incredible rate while significantly increasing their profitability.

The very unique and quite honestly the most incredible part of it is, they do it all for free and charge no upfront franchise fees or monthly royalty fees whatsoever. The company benefits by having all these offices under their umbrella that in return send all their business to the Speedy brand of companies under their Speedy Holdings Group company. Therefore, paying off huge for both the franchisee and Speedy Franchises. Speedy even gives the franchisee’s a large number of new clients daily, so they do not have to spend capital on advertising and marketing because Speedy does all that also and uses the franchisee’s offices manpower to sign up the new clients for them and do the no cost labor for them while generating a win-win type concept for both the company and the franchisee, not to mention all the additional businesses they will help at the same time on a large scale.

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The newly announced franchise opportunities result from a business model that has been tried, tested, and improved constantly for the past decade and will start to be launched on a large level in about 12 short weeks.

Even Kevin Harrington, the original “shark” on the hit TV show Shark Tank and infomercial pioneer, with over 20 companies that exceeded over $100 million dollars each jumped on board last year and is the face of the Speedy brand and holds stock in the company. All these sales offices even receive a shark as their spokesperson with their free franchise that gives them instant credibility and brand recognition.

“The Speedy brand of companies offer superior products and services by far because our secret sauce is all the Speedy companies dramatically help businesses increase their revenue while simultaneously lowering their liabilities at the same time with no upfront fees or strict credit criteria” said the spokesperson for the company.

The approach embraced by the group sees them entering existing industries that can benefit from automation including artificial intelligence, better marketing strategies, lower cost products and services and almost 200 items that have been developed and tested that took the founder and current CEO, Scott Clymo, almost a decade and millions of dollars to build. As part of the streamlined process technology is implemented where possible to ensure merchants and direct buyers receive a high-quality product or service for less. “It’s really quite remarkable, in reference to what we have been working on for so long to build for our own companies that we have templated along the way to make our strategies very simple and easy to duplicate by taking what has been built by us over the years and now offering it to our competition to ensure their success as well and quickly, thus the instant “business in a box” type product and formula to offer to others was born, said the same spokesperson of the company.

Speedy franchises is planning on giving away the franchise opportunities free while the business owners also benefits from the increased exposure that comes from the partnership and its brand with a prior Shark Tank celebrity.

Potential franchisees will gain access to all the Speedy brand of companies and revenue streams which offer complementary services for business owners and individuals. This includes Speedy Business Funding, Speedy Merchant Services, Speedy Credit Restoration, Speedy Consumer Pay, Speedy Personal Lending and others including Speedy Barracuda Tank that is being labeled as Shark Tank on steroids because anyone can pitch investors by video zoom calls with as many as 100 opportunities to get a check from real accredited investors instead of just one chance for investment like the popular tv show. Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks is also the face of that company that was also piloted last year with incredible results. That product will also be launching soon.

The completely free franchise concept they are staffing up to support while hiring as fast as they can has never been done before and will revolutionize how many others implement future franchising as well as growth and expansion ideas.

In addition to these sales offices receiving their free franchise, the company is also including free stock in the deal as they have their eye on an IPO (initial public offering) on the stock exchange soon as they feel confident that they will in record time be the fastest growing and most profitable franchise in history and almost overnight.

One incredible and highly ethical part of what the company is doing is that they are offering those same business owners that they will most likely drive out of business, an opportunity of a lifetime by jumping on board and riding on the coattails of the company and being able to enjoy the same success while helping themselves reach levels they probably never even dreamed of before and quickly..

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