Free Firearms Training Offered to Educators

David Kenik, Firearms insSt. Louis, Missouri Aug 5, 2023 ( – tructor and author of the book, Armed Response, is now offering free firearms training for educators.

Kenik, owner and lead instructor of Armed Response was certified as a police firearms instructor in pistol, revolver, shotgun and patrol rifle. Armed Response offers defensive handgun and rifle classes. The company’s website is

He is the author of the book, Armed Response, and contributing editor to several national, firearm magazines.

David trains people of all ages and experience levels private instruction, and group classes through gun clubs and civic organizations.

In recent years, the safety and security of educational institutions have come under intense scrutiny due to tragic incidents of school violence. As schools grapple with the challenge of providing a safe environment for their students and staff, the idea of arming teachers has gained recognition as an effective tool to prevent and stop tragedies.

Providing firearms training to teachers can be a pragmatic solution to enhance school security says Kenik.

The most crucial aspect of arming teachers is ensuring they receive comprehensive and rigorous firearms training. Specialized training programs should be designed, delivered, and regularly updated to equip teachers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and psychological preparedness to handle firearms safely and effectively.

Located near St. Louis, MO, Kenik’s offer of free training for educators is but one step in this critical direction. Law enforcement may not always be able to arrive on the scene in time to prevent harm. Armed and trained teachers could act as a first line of defense, potentially mitigating the threat until law enforcement arrives. In this context, teacher firearms training can serve as an added layer of security, providing a swift and targeted response to safeguard students and staff from harm.

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