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Founder of Squeeze token, Josh Hamilton, wants to overcome the problem investors face in small-cap crypto projects

When Josh Hamilton started working with the cryptocurrency-related development of a token called baby trump, he had various ideas on making it more utilitarian. After building the swap that the project initially required, he was excited to add new features to the cryptocurrency.

“I quickly saw room for more utility based on the data that was available to me via several APIs (application programming interfaces) like etherscan, and coingecko to name a few. We quickly began brainstorming as a community within baby trump for relevant use cases and ideas,” says Hamilton. “As we began getting to the point to implement these features, things continued to take a turn for the worst,” he reveals.

The founder of the token slowly started becoming less active on the platform until he completely disappeared from the scene. The updates that Hamilton tried making to the swap were not getting deployed. Eventually, he realized how he had been conned.

Most crypto investors suffer from investing in small-cap crypto projects when the founder often abandons everything. This results in massive losses to the crypto holders. Hamilton wanted to address this problem. Consequently Squeeze token was introduced.

“Our unique utilities were conceived with the vision to help prevent investors from losing their investments to obvious unsafe investments,” informs Hamilton. He adds by saying that, “We also aim to help keep their investment sound by keeping them aware of any suspicious wallet activity.”

Hamilton now wants to implement all those features that he originally planned for Baby Trump.

“I am all for the suggestions of the community, and I built this token to continue what we started at baby trump. I think together we can truly build something that lives forever, and although the things at baby trump didn’t end in any of our favors, it is my goal to make sure they do in Squeeze.”

Hamilton’s plans for the future include software development for wallet alert integrations, an advanced rug checker integration, along with a reliable tax generator. He wants to do everything right by Squeeze. The founder has already renounced ownership, locked liquidity for 79 years, and secured two exchange listings utilizing funding from the fees within the contract. With everyone’s direct input on the token, Hamilton is proud to lead the way for this wonderful opportunity.