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A solid foundation is an integral component of construction. A defective foundation can compromise the structural integrity of the building and lead to various problems sooner or later. Superior Foundation Services is committed to offering quality foundation repairs and the best technology – the DynaPier(R) system, a robust and reliable piering system that helps in repairing residential and commercial foundations. Fixing foundation problems early will help save on repair costs and minimize damages to the home. Look out for signs that could indicate that something could be wrong with the foundation. The easiest foundation problem to detect is the cracking around the base of the structure’s exterior. If the wall has a diagonal crack in the external structure, don’t hesitate to call Superior Foundation repair professional to inspect the foundation.

Besides exterior cracks, there are several other signs that residents should look out for, including:

— Gaps in the floors, wall, or foundation itself

— Sagging floors – A 0.5-inch sag could increase up to 2 inches over time

— Damp crawl spaces or stagnant water around the foundation

— Doors and windows that won’t open and shut properly

— Diagonal wall cracks that extend from the corners of the windows and doors

— Cracks and leaks in and around the fireplace

— Cabinet doors can’t remain closed

These are just some of the signs that something could be wrong with the foundation. In such a case don’t hesitate to contact a reputable foundation repair contractor at 601.941.2125.

Superior Foundation Services recommends DynaPier Slab Foundation Repair system that uses a hydraulic pump, concrete, and steel piers to permanently lift and level the foundation. DynaPiers are used beneath the foundation of the building for additional support and will be driven deep into the ground to secure the foundation for the next few years. Due to the complexities of addressing both foundation and framework/masonry issues, most contractors in the Jackson area will not work on conventional foundations. Too many things can go wrong, which is why Superior Foundation is the company that can be trusted to get the job done right. Unlike other repair companies, Superior takes the time to help understand the existing problems with the client’s home foundation, and ensure that clients fully understand ‘why’ the recommended repairs are needed. A team of uniquely qualified professionals evaluates the root cause of the conventional foundation issues and offers solutions at competitive rates.

Additionally, Superior Foundation Services offer drainage solutions by installing deep French Drains that resolve underlying foundation problems and prevent future damage. For many of the water management issues, no repair work is required for the foundation itself. Experts at Superior install a drain to divert water away from the soil under the home, and this minimizes the chances for swelling or shrinking of the clay under the foundation.

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Whether the faulty foundation is residential or commercial, experts at superior can fix it in no time. There are many foundation repair contractors in Jackson, Madison, Brandon, and Clinton, Mississippi, but quality shouldn’t be compromised for the price. Superior Foundation Services is the customers’ trusted foundation repair partner.

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