Fort Worth Vacant Land Cash Buyer: Unwanted Property For Cash Service Expanded

Owners of unwanted Texas land parcels can now submit details via the company’s website, with no-obligation cash offers being returned in as little as 24-hours. The firm’s efficient processes allow closure to occur in approximately 3-days, offering a fast and reliable option for those who wish to sell their vacant land.

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Land Avion’s recent update follows the successful rollout in several other areas, including Florida and North and South Carolina. The firm states that its ability to work with landowners regardless of their financial situation has made the program popular among those who are behind on taxes or involved in divorce proceedings.

Vacant land is generally less desirable to investors, owing to the inability to generate an immediate income from residents or tenants. As a result, such lots can often take considerably longer to sell, which may force owners to accept a low price if they need to offload their property in a short timeframe.

With the recent expansion, Land Avion offers an effective alternative, with cash offers based on regional data and comparable properties. In addition, the firm’s business model does not rely on commissions to generate income, allowing it to offer quotations that do not contain any additional fees.

“Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that’s stressing you out,” a company representative explained. “Many of the lots we buy are in rural or undeveloped areas, making them hard to sell through traditional methods. However, we are interested in all types of land; rural, suburban, and even commercial.”

About Land Avion

First founded in New Mexico in the 1990s, Land Avion has developed a strong reputation for integrity and reliability, and has also developed highly streamlined processes in its three decades of operation. The firm’s goals have remained unchanged; to provide a fast and fair option for those who wish to sell unwanted land parcels.

“It was such a relief not having to pay taxes on my inherited property,” one client recently stated. “Land Avion’s price was very fair, and I received a cashier’s check as soon as I signed the deed with the notary. The whole process couldn’t have been easier.”

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