For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Websites in USA

Are you among the homeowners who are upset about the huge commissions agents charge to sell homes? Did you know you can sell your home without using an agent’s services? Yes, you can sell your home yourself without hiring an agent. This is known as FSBO or For Sale By Owner. This is an approach that many websites offer to home sellers.

These websites are run by companies that allow customers to list their property for sale directly. Since the services of an agent are not used, there would be no listing commission to be paid. If you are lucky and get a buyer who does not have an agent, you can end up saving a 6% commission.

This is the main benefit of FSBO, which is why for sale by owner websites have become very popular. There are many websites and you could end up being confused over which site to choose. To help you, we have a list of the top FSBO websites with all you need to know about them.

How does FSBO work?

FSBO websites are technology advanced companies. They allow homeowners to list their property in an easy and trouble-free way. The owners can share their property details with photos.

If a seller wishes to list on MLS, then with the help of such websites they can easily list the property on the MLS. Listing on the MLS ensures the best visibility, so the owners start to get offers from prospective buyer agents.

Since the website does the listing, there is no listing commission to be paid to agents. Most of these websites charge a flat fee or fixed fee from the seller. This fee would cover the listing of the property on the MLS. Some other basic services may also be provided.

If sellers want other services, they can choose other packages or pay for these services. FSBO websites are best suited for experienced home sellers who have an idea of how things work. If you want to save on commission and are ready to handle the sale process yourself, then you can work with an FSBO website.

FSBO websites

1. Houzeo

Houzeo uses the flat fee MLS model to allow sellers to sell their homes on their own. They charge just $349 for their services. This fee covers the listing of the property on the MLS. At the same time, the property is also listed on other popular websites like Zillow, Redfin,, etc. This ensures greater visibility for buyers. When thinking of how to list on MLS you can look up to Houzeo.

Some of the features of Houzeo you need to know about are:

  • This site has an excellent customer rating of 4.9/5. Customers are happy with the services offered and the significant savings on commission.
  • Houzeo has nationwide coverage allowing you to sell your home from anywhere.
  • Listing happens quickly, and you don’t have to wait.
  • The Intellilist technology allows you to manage the listing easily. They even have a mobile app that is convenient to use.
  • In case, you need any other services you can choose the services by paying extra for them.
  • Buyers can directly contact you (without an agent). This can help you save the entire 6% commission, which ensures big savings.


This is the oldest website and a pioneer in FSBO services. It has a nationwide presence that can help you sell your house wherever you are from. Since it is an FSBO site, you need not worry about agent commission. This helps you save a lot of money on commission. They have two packages priced at $99.95 and $399.95. The following are features of this website:

  • The basic package is not useful since it only lists on their site and does not give MLS access. So, you need to choose the $399.95 package.
  • The website does not have intuitive features and the technology is outdated. There is also no mobile app offered.
  • Extra services are offered at an additional price and they are optional.
  • The listing takes some time and can go up to 4 days.
  • They allow a broker, but the quality of the broker can be unpredictable.
  • The process is mostly offline, which is a downside for this site.

3. For Sale By

This website offers FSBO services to allow sellers to list their homes directly. The major problem with this site is that the listing happens only on their website. For this, you need to pay $399. Without an MLS listing, the exposure is not good. Following are things to know about this site:

  • It used to be the largest FSBO site and has recently undergone a change in ownership.
  • Since there is no MLS access, the chances of selling your home are not so good.
  • You can end up getting calls from agents and be spammed non-stop. This is a major issue.
  • If you want an MLS listing, then you need to work with an agent and pay the full commission of 6%. There are no savings when you use this service. This is a serious limitation of this website.
  • While the search option is good, the lack of exposure is an issue.

4. Zillow is a popular real estate marketplace. This marketplace allows you to list your property for sale. Those who visit this website can see your property and get in touch with you. There is no MLS listing and your property would be seen only by site visitors. The following tells you more about this website:

  • The listing would appear in the other listings section and is not even displayed prominently. This provides very limited exposure reducing your chances of making a sale.
  • The rating of this website is very poor 1.6/5. The lack of proper exposure for your property is probably the reason for this rating.
  • The customer service is not all that good. Also, you can expect to be bombarded with calls from agents.

5. Fizber has three packages priced at $295 and $395. There is also a $95 package. Read on to know more:

  • The listing process is a bit slow, but you get an MLS listing.
  • The technology is outdated, and no mobile app is offered.
  • Selling is offline, which is a disadvantage.
  • The review rating is 4.25/5, but the average customer service is an issue.

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