Food Addiction & Emotional Eating Group Coaching For Women Over 40 Update

The new group coaching guides women to identify their patterns of self-sabotage regarding food and how to stop using it as an emotional crutch. According to Pratt, an unhealthy relationship with food, whether it manifests in binge eating or restrictive eating, has a ripple effect on overall wellness and health. In fact, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, people with a toxic relationship with food have a higher probability of other mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

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Pratt updated her group coaching to help more women find healing from their unhealthy relationship with food. Applying different coaching modalities, Pratt works with each woman to help her recognize her self-limiting beliefs, potential self-hatred, especially on body image, and discover healthier coping methods for daily struggles.

Pratt explains that her coaching methods are colored by her own personal experiences, which adds an additional layer of compassion and empathy given to all clients. Pratt grew up always feeling like she was never good enough and became an adult full of self-doubt and self-hate who continued to self-sabotage. After years of struggle, she finally found the courage and strength to face her inner demons.

Through her triumph, Pratt understood that she wanted to help other women rediscover themselves and develop self-love. Group coaching to end one’s toxic relationship with food is offered several times a year. It is specifically designed to help students learn how to stop food cravings and end emotional eating once and for all.

Though intended for older women, the class is open to anyone struggling with a possible eating disorder, regardless of gender or age.

New clients can schedule a clarity call with Pratt, given at no cost, before enrolling in the group coaching.

Pratt writes, “Picture a life where you unconditionally love every part of yourself, where you can let go of your greatest insecurities, and quiet the voice that says you’re not smart enough, thin enough, capable enough. What amazing things could you accomplish, then?”

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