Following Recent Revival, Shincheonji Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors Launched with Philippines’ Pastors on Day of Peace

Chairman Lee address the pastors in The Philippines

Following the great revival seen through the 106,186 graduates of Shincheonji’s Zion Christian Mission Center in 2022, Chairman Lee Man-Hee of Shincheonji held a Bible Seminar on the book of Revelation upon the sincere request of Philippine pastors.

Chicago, Illinois Jan 25, 2023 ( – The Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors began at 7pm on January 24th in the Philippines and has already amassed over 200,000 viewers through Shincheonji’s official YouTube channels.

Participants from last year’s Shincheonji Online Bible Seminars, who numbered among over 22 million viewers, are gaining the understanding of the importance of Revelation, which no one could explain before.

The seminar is being delivered by the witness, Chairman Lee Man-Hee of Shincheonji, who states that he saw and heard the fulfillment of the book of Revelation. He is testifying to the prophecy and the fulfillment of Revelation, which no one in the world has been able to understand for 2,000 years.

Chairman Lee Man-Hee challenged the pastors by asking, “Who here has mastered the book of Revelation?” and proceeded to warn that the consequence of “adding to, or taking away from this book of Revelation is that you cannot enter heaven according to Revelation chapter 22, verses 18 to 19.”

Listeners showed approval of the message from the Chairman who also added that, “We must be walking books of Revelation,” and proceeded to explain the fulfilled realities of the book of Revelation with the intention to enlighten the pastors. Shincheonji Church is currently broadcasting the seminar through its YouTube Channels. One can view the “Grand Bible Seminar for Pastors: The Entire Book of Revelation” at

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