Follow Up Boss CRM Automations For Realtors | Lead Conversion Training Updated

The newly updated training called Systems 2 introduces realtors to today’s most effective marketing strategies built to leverage the power of their CRMs with targeted follow-up automation that converts prospect buyers and sellers more efficiently. Alexa Rosario draws on her experience as one of Florida’s top 20 agents to teach realtors targeting the new construction niche how to go beyond saturated Internet Data Exchange (IDX) MLS listings and instead forge valuable client relationships swiftly and seamlessly.

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New construction real estate sales are more complicated than pre-owned home transactions because agents are working on behalf of a builder or developer. Newly updated Systems 2 training teaches agents targeting this niche how to engage qualified leads, establish credibility, stay on top of each phase of the deal process, and convert in-market builders and developers into exclusive clients with a one-click import of Follow Up Boss automations to their current CRM.

Rosario says that the trouble with traditional top-of-funnel IDX leads is that they require endless nurturing for fragmented reward. In essence, she says, this approach forces agents to work harder, not smarter. The training Rosario provides shows agents how to onboard warm leads using technology that cultivates valuable one-on-one client relationships.

Agents targeting the new construction niche can use Follow Up Boss to maintain important, easy-access notes on impending deals, personalizing every interaction they have with buyers and sellers. This demonstrates an impressive, highly professional work ethic while minimizing workload.

Rosario’s digital strategies are successful because they instantly drive action. The Systems 2 “anticlass” teaches realtors how to transform next-step tasks into natural client touch points for better, more efficient “flow.”

The technology automates and instantly updates workflow phases that include buyer showings, offer and offer reviews, buyer-to-lender referrals, new listings launches, “back to shopping” flow, and database flow, which transforms impersonal lists into potential client relationships.

Agents can instantly consolidate and automate endless to-do lists into one CRM extension, optimizing the Pareto Principle: identify inputs that are potentially the most productive and make them the priority.

With the introduction of her 2023 experience-based Systems 2 training, Alexa Rosario provides fellow real estate agents with the digital marketing strategies they’ll need to engage more prospect clients and convert these leads into committed partnerships.

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