Folding Baby Crib With Bottle Storage & Diaper Bag: Waterproof Backpack Launched

Known for its value pricing strategy, Doviast specializes in lifestyle products for all family members – including pets. The company’s recently updated collection offers parents of newborns a range of convenience items to carry them through their busy days.

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In today’s inflationary economy, parents and families are being more mindful about their purchases, often choosing items that can perform double duty. Doviast meets these needs with their low price/high-value strategy, and a team dedicated to curating top-quality lifestyle products. The company’s newly added multi-purpose Baby Crib Backpack is an example of price performance and practicality in one product.

Despite numerous “How To” books and resources available to new parents, parents will always be met with new challenges not covered in any book or video. One of these challenges is the sleep, nurse, and diaper change cycle that can make parents feel as though they’ve been sequestered to their homes ad infinitum.

A new product at online store Doviast gives parents everything they need to be mobile with baby. The Baby Crib Backpack is a 3-in-one diaper bag, a thermal bottle storage unit, and foldout crib that retails for under $90.00

The backpack can be filled with all clothing and diaper necessities, outfitted with three bottles of either formula or breastmilk, and converts into a crib for diaper changes and naps. The product makes it easier for parents to spend time away from the home, socializing with friends and participating in other important lifestyle activities, worry-free.

Countless studies reveal a direct link between parents feeling overwhelmed by monotonous daily routines and difficulty maintaining a robust, healthy, needs-meeting environment for their infants. With the right equipment – products like the 3-in-one crib/diaper bag/nursing unit – parents have everything they need to care for their infants when outside the home.

Doviast says their newly available Baby Crib Backpack is made of high-quality, durable, breathable cotton, and has zippered compartments to convenience and cleanliness. With over 45 customer reviews, the bag maintains a near-perfect 5-star rating.

Other product categories at Doviast include fashion and clothing, kids’ and baby products, electronics, beauty and health, pet supplies, and toys and games.

While inflation means cutting back on expenses, the addition of the low-priced yet high-quality 3-in-1 baby crib backpack gives families the mobility they want and the practicality they need.

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