Flowers have become an integral part of Valentine’s Day

The world of flowers comes to the aid of many couples in love; as a gift that is always welcome and never banal, giving flowers on Valentine’s Day is part of a tradition that, through the delicacy of flowers, knows how to express one’s feelings and speak to the heart much more than words. Always send romantic floral gifts on Valentine’s Day, but not everyone knows that the rose expresses a different meaning depending on its color. For example, if you intend to give a beloved, desist: this color is traditionally associated with jealousy, but there is a deeper meaning that reveals the infidelity of the giver. Therefore, be careful. The white rose is usually associated to Platonic love, but there is a second meaning less common: the white roses are the perfect flower to declare. If you love someone and want to take the opportunity of the party of lovers to let them know then the right gift is a composition of white roses. The pink or peach-colored rose is commonly associated with friendship, but as in the previous case it hides a romantic meaning: pure and delicate, this rose is suitable for celebrating a young love, which retains the power and delicacy of pure love that has just blossomed. You are among those who hope for the love of an unaware person who fills your heart, and then the right gift is a composition of pink roses. And then there is him, love with a capital A, that of burning passion that makes you dream with your eyes open; for him the rose is red, but pay attention to some important details. In addition to the color, we must take into account the presentation, the length of the stem and the number of roses to give as a gift so as not to fall into trivial errors of meaning. 

The perfect composition of red roses should be odd in number, long-stemmed and with thorns; these elements will reinforce the concept of a love that lasts and protects the loved one. The number of roses has a precise meaning: if it is love at first sight only one rose will suffice, if the feeling that binds you is sincere then you will have to give three roses to say I love you but if he / she is the person with whom you want to share the life then the roses to give are seven.


The tulip is perhaps the most romantic flower after the rose, as well as an original alternative to the most classic of gifts between lovers. It is an extraordinary flower, however, capable of sewing a tear, declaring one’s love and consolidating a relationship, it lends itself to covering a wide range of meanings thanks to its variety of colors: red to express love, yellow to pay homage to a smile that lights up like the sun. He is also the protagonist of a beautiful Turkish love legend in which the protagonist Fahrad learned of the death of the young Shirring, marching to find his lost love in battle, took his own life and crying for never being reunited with his love gave life to beautiful tulips, red like the blood of his wounds and the passion that bound them.

An idea for Valentine’s Day is to organize a romantic dinner at home to share a special moment made of feelings and desires, and a quiet home evening will allow you to be yourself without prying ears around. It requires a little more effort in preparing the menu and setting up the table: and this is where tulips come into play. Small, with a thin shape and a thousand colors, tulips will be the centerpiece of the evening and the perfect present to give her.

Tulips are flowers that adapt to any context and do not require important vases: ceramic or zinc jugs, enameled buckets, wicker baskets, antique and precious vases, transparent glass glasses, ethnic containers and everything that our imagination can suggest us. Indulge yourselves, because as in love it is nice to dare.


Mother Nature offers us several alternatives to the more classic Valentine’s Day rose and the orchid is one of them. Elegant, beautiful and delicate flower is usually given as a gift to showadmiration towards a person. Due to its incredible ability to grow in respect of any climate, in the East the orchid represents lasting love, capable of overcoming any obstacle.

It is a plant to give to a partner for whom one has a deep esteem and with whom one is (or would like to be) in a stable relationship that has already gone through and overcome various obstacles and aversions. There are tons of orchid plants, but like roses, they too have different meanings depending on the color: the white orchid, symbol of purity and freshness, is the ideal gift for newlyweds; while the pink orchid is offered as a 10th wedding anniversary gift. Finally, the yellow or cream orchid, which recalls the abundance of fields of ears, is given as a gift for the 25th wedding anniversary.