Florida Securities Lawyer Explains how to look up your broker

Many Floridians financial future depends on the successful growth of their stock or securities portfolio and the safety of their retirement funds. Investors often entrust the protection of those funds to financial professionals who seem to have their best interests in mind, but the grim truth is that in some cases, they are only thinking about lining their own pockets. Past bad behavior isn’t always a predictor of future misconduct but everyone should know who they are hiring and are they at a heightened risk of getting ripped off by a bad stockbroker.

Like so many others that have suffered as a result of negligent or malicious behavior by a stockbroker, investors have the right to file a lawsuit against their broker through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Soreide Law Group recommends using FINRA Brokercheck’s free tool to help find out if any other lawsuits have been filed against a broker.

To find out more and use their Brokercheck tool, visit https://www.securitieslawyer.com

Soreide Law Group also has committed themselves to keeping their own catalog of brokers who have been accused or convicted of financial fraud constantly up-to-date. They maintain this searchable database to help Floridians easily determine whether they may have been defrauded so that they can seek damages as quickly as possible. Soreide Law Group, with more than 14 years experience as Florida Securities Lawyers, in the FINRA arbitration process, which is the forum where lawsuits are filed to recover funds in cases of financial fraud on the part of a securities broker without having to litigate in court. The process serves to give those who have been defrauded an avenue to recovery without incurring years of litigation.

The FINRA Brokercheck tool helps the public keep track of potentially untrustworthy individuals in the financial industry, and also to give Floridians some examples of past misconduct. Soreide Law Group is Florida securities law firm that works on a success fee or contingency fee, with all costs advanced until recovery is achieved. Some of the financial professionals included in the database have previously engaged in crimes or negligence including improper investing strategies or outright theft and mishandling of funds. Some of these improper strategies include excessive use of margin, the selling of high-risk placements, failure to limit losses, or excessive trading or churning.

Lars Soreide, the head securities attorney at Soreide Law Group, spent many years as a securities lawyer bringing cases before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority on behalf of defrauded investors. Securities litigation is a complex process which includes a wide range of state, local, and federal statutes that can be used against fraudulent brokerages.

Contact the Florida securities lawyers at the Soreide Law Group for a no-obligation consultation to see if their is a potential case. Meetings are available over Zoom or over the phone at 1-888-760-6552. Meetings are available over Zoom or over the phone at 1-888-760-6552. To schedule a Zoom consultation, visit https://www.securitieslawyer.com

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