Florida Securities Fraud Arbitration Lawyer: FINRA Representation Expanded

Recent statistics have revealed that Florida’s elderly and retiree populations are under attack from financial fraud. Fraud is rampant nationwide, but nowhere is this more true than in Florida which is a mecca for retirees to come to and live the good life after decades of work. The state is one of the top and some would say the nation’s fraud capital. Stockbroker and financial advisor fraud is a problem which is especially concentrated in areas such as South Florida where large populations over the age of 60 are concentrated.

To combat this growing issue, the state legislature has passed amendments to the Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act, expanding the scope of the protections laid out within and giving Floridians the tools they need to fight back against fraud. Many are among those affected by these crimes, and have a right to seek recovery. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, when it comes to recovering financial losses Soreide Law Group, located in South Florida can help.

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The Florida Securities and Investor Protection Act lays the groundwork to help those who have been defrauded by a broker pursue a number of different recovery options. Under this act, any knowing misrepresentation or deceit on the part of a broker qualifies as fraud and may be subject to legal action. The act also lays out the framework for recovery based on irresponsible actions, or those taken without due diligence which have resulted in meaningful damages.

Many investors have been impacted by any such actions, Soreide Law Group is here to help with an out-of-court recovery through FINRA arbitration to pursue compensation in these cases. This method involves bringing the case before an a panel of independent arbitrators appointed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or “FINRA”.

Using this method, Soreide Law Group has been successful in procuring a full or partial recovery in approximately 90% of the cases they have handled. This amounts to millions of dollars in recovered funds in their service range, which extends across the entire state of Florida and beyond.

Lars Soreide, the head lawyer at the law group, has personally overseen hundreds of arbitration sessions before FINRA and has the knowledge necessary to give the highest possible chance of success. He and his team are capable of building a case utilizing a broad range of state, local, federal, and organizational legal statutes in their attempts to secure compensation.

Lead securities lawyer, Lars Soreide, has been representing investors now for over 15 years in such actions such as unauthorized or unsuitable trading, risky acquisitions or sales, excessive commission schemes, and failure to limit bond or stock losses all qualify as potentially fraudulent. A full list of acts that FINRA considers to be fraudulent is available on the Soreide Law Group website.

While victory is never guaranteed in broker fraud cases, Soreide Law Group has the experience required to navigate the complex arbitration process in a way that respects both time and money. Their services are available on a contingency basis, meaning nothing is paid until victory is secured.

Interested parties can call 1-888-760-6552 or visit the website to schedule a no-obligation consultation with Soreide Law Group’s expert team. The FINRA Brokercheck tool can also be used to research specific brokers or brokerages to determine whether an individual has had formal complaints leveraged against them in the past. These services are available on a contingency basis, meaning that clients pay nothing until victory is secured.

Additional details can be found at https://www.securitieslawyer.com

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