Florida Customized Gas Strut Press Box Windows For Sports Stadiums Launched

OpenUp Windows’ new press box window has an innovative gas strut design that allows it to be opened and stay open at a 90-degree angle. Because it uses gas struts, it offers full visibility between the indoors and outdoors, making it especially well-suited to press boxes in sports stadiums.

More information is available at https://OpenUpWindows.com/

OpenUp Windows is proud to be bringing their new press box windows to Florida, a state known for its football, basketball, baseball and hockey teams, and for its sports culture. OpenUp knows that every Miami Heat or Miami Dolphins player got their start in one of the state’s thousands of smaller stadiums and teams, and that what happens in the press box in any given match can shape an up-and-coming player’s sports career.

That’s why the custom window makers are making press box windows that are designed to really connect the press box and the playing field or court, allowing for a 360-degree experience in the box with no impediments to the view.

More information on their gas strut design and how it can make a press box a truly key part of the stadium can be accessed at https://OpenUpWindows.com/store/

As custom designers and manufacturers, OpenUp Windows can make a window to the exact size specifications a sports stadium owner or facilities manager requires. Their windows can be installed to replace an older set of fixed or sliding windows, or can be integrated into a new press box build.

Their premium windows are also built by hand and precision machine using high-quality, sustainable and durable materials in the East Coast window maker’s boutique New York factory. Every new window comes with a full 10-year warranty and can be designed, built, shipped and installed in 4-6 weeks.

OpenUp Windows suggests interested sports stadium owners and facilities managers get directly in contact with their design and engineering team to see if one of their new gas strut windows is right for their stadium’s press box.

A spokesperson for the custom window makers said, “When you trust OpenUp with the design of your new press box window, you can rest assured that every detail will be accounted for. Our passion for quality design shines through in our work–our windows are intended to redefine, and truly open up your space, all while adhering to the highest set of durability, sustainability, and quality standards.”

Interested readers can find out more at https://OpenUpWindows.com/features/

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