Flip-Out Gas Strut Window For Extra Outdoor Bar Space For Restaurants Launched

The custom window makers have been designing and manufacturing pass-through windows for almost four decades and now they have a new luxury model that has been created just for hospitality clients. With their new model, OpenUp Windows are debuting features like a sustainable Accoya(R) wood frame, a minimalist design, and UV protection for better insulation.

More information is available at https://OpenUpWindows.com/

OpenUp Windows believes that their unique flip-out gas strut window, which holds itself open at a fixed 90-degree angle, can – as their business name describes – open up a restaurant or bar. By installing one of their windows, the manufacturers are confident that a hospitality venue will enjoy both extra indoor kitchen space and extra outdoor bar space, a better ordering and pickup flow, and a more welcoming European-style alfresco dining scene. Now, with their new luxury model and its tasteful minimalist design, they are also confident that they can bring a touch of European elegance to any bar or restaurant.

From a more functional perspective, being custom window makers, OpenUp can create a flip-out gas strut window that suits the exact size specifications a restaurant requires, and they can also craft the windows in completely custom colors.

Interested restaurant and bar owners can access more information on these customization options at https://OpenUpWindows.com/store/

With their shift to using sustainable Accoya(R) wood and their UV protection glazing, OpenUp Windows is confident that their double insulated windows have also become a more energy-bill and environment-friendly choice.

As OpenUp’s unique flip-out gas strut design has a full bound sill, this means it can be mounted atop an existing restaurant or bar countertop without requiring any alteration or break in the countertop. The window makers believe that this makes their windows a dependable choice for hospitality clients who want to efficiently and easily upgrade their space.

OpenUp Windows works out of their boutique New York factory. They have connections with contractors across the country who can oversee the installation of their windows.

A spokesperson for the custom window makers, “When you invest in a gas strut pass-through window for your bar or restaurant, you want to ensure that it not only stands the test of time but is expertly crafted and sustainably sourced. When you choose an OpenUp Window, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best, guaranteed.”

More details can be found at https://OpenUpWindows.com/features/

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