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Denver, Colorado Jan 3, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – January is Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month and FLAME Natural Decon is helping firefighters reduce their risk of getting cancer by limiting their exposure to cancer-causing toxins.

When firefighters battle a structure fire, they are exposed to a wide variety of carcinogens, which when left on the skin and in their hair can stick with them and continue to absorb into their bodies, increasing their risk of getting cancer.

Firefighters have a 9 percent higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer and a 14 percent higher risk of dying from cancer than the general U.S. population and one way they can mitigate this risk is through proper decontamination.

The soap company was scientifically developed for firefighter decontamination. After a structure fire, firefighters get as many of the carcinogens off of them as they can by brushing and rinsing off with their gear on the scene. Then once they get back to the station, they shower with FLAME to remove carcinogens from their entire body. Testing shows that carcinogens that were present after live burns are no longer detectable after using FLAME Decon products.

The company has bars of soap and a two-in-one shampoo and body wash, which were both developed around FLAME’s propriety blend of activated charcoal, which removes carcinogens of all sizes.

FLAME Decon is a veteran and fire family-owned small business that is made in America. It was developed by Navy veteran Tara Cornett, because her brother is a firefighter and once she knew about his high risk of getting cancer and discovered the science behind what is now her activated charcoal blend she knew she had to create the company for her family and so many other fire families out there.

FLAME was developed for firefighters to remove the widest variety of toxins possible and it’s now being used by a variety of professions and hobbyists alike. It’s even been touted by those who love to sit by campfires, because it removes that smoky smell from the hair and skin.

You can find FLAME Natural Decon at flamedecon.com

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