Five Steps to Begin Your Weight-Loss Journey

Getting a good physique is everyone’s desire. Along with the physical benefits, there are mental benefits to it as well. You gain significant confidence, and you shall feel your quality of life improve. Working out and physical exercises produce serotonin in your brain, which can make your mood better. However, getting in good shape is not all fun and games. You have to stick to a routine and observe discipline in all fields of your life.

Achieving your dream body may be hard, but there are some steps like following the keto diet and pre-made meals for weight loss that you can follow to make the process a bit easier.

Let’s have a look at five things that can help your weight loss journey easier.

#1: Plan your meals for the week

Diet is the most important part of your weight loss journey. Consistency with your diet is the key to achieving results quicker. A common complaint is that preparing meals takes a lot of time. However, now you can easily find affordable pre-made meals.

You can find good quality meal prep services all over Australia. In big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, you can easily find one in every neighbourhood. Planning your meals for the entire week can save you from deviating from your diet.

#2: Count your calories

You should strictly monitor the macros for your food intake. People in Australia have an unhealthy habit of consuming fast food more often than they should.

According to a study, Australians spend about 32% of their budget on fast food. You should make sure you’re getting enough protein to gain lean muscle, and the limit is 1 lb per pound for a healthy adult.

Carbs and healthy fats are also important since they provide you with energy. For weight loss, you must stay in a caloric deficit and eat below your maintenance calories. Luckily, meal prep companies in Australia like Cooked up have been a great help in providing affordable pre-made meals for weight loss, muscle building and other fitness goals.

#3: Mix weight lifting with cardio

During their weight loss journey, most people make the mistake of excessively focusing on cardio. While it may be important that cardio is important to shed excess fat, you also need to build lean muscle.

Therefore, you should try and incorporate compound movements into your workout routine. This will help tone your body and add lean muscle to your frame.

#4: Don’t forget your supplements

It is important to take your multivitamins and other necessary supplements. Your body does not get all the macronutrients it requires from your diet. Micronutrients such as vitamin A, B, zinc, and magnesium are some of the most widely used supplements.

There are also supplements such as creatine and BCAA that make your workout and recovery process faster. However, it is recommended that beginners stick to multivitamins and essential micronutrients.

#5: Keep track of your performance

You must keep a constant track of your performance. Holding yourself accountable if you fail to reach a short-term goal shall help you take corrective action. This will also ensure you stick to your diet and workout regime. Weigh yourself every day, preferably in the morning.

Nowadays, gadgets like smartwatches and fitness trackers help you monitor your sleep, food intake, and heartbeat.


Consistency and hard work are the key factors to making your weight loss journey successful. If you plan and implement that plan, you can achieve your desired physique in a relatively shorter period. If you want to stick to a healthy diet without putting in the extra effort, get your pre-made meals today.

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