Fish food: What’s included in a Goldfish Food Diet

One of the most critical aspects of goldfish care is the kind of nutrition you provide to your aquatic friend. The type of goldfish food you give will determine the health and well-being of your goldfish. To make things even more challenging, the variety of fish food available in the market is staggering.

From flakes to pellets to gel to frozen, dried food to live foods. The list is endless.

Types of Goldfish Food


Flakes are specially formulated fish food that does not disintegrate when it gets wet. Flakes float on the surface and later break down and sink to the bottom. In order to keep your tank clean and to make sure your goldfish does not overeat remove all uneaten food regularly.

For flakes it is best if you soak it before you give them to your goldfish.


Pellets usually sink to the bottom, and they dissolve slowly as your goldfish feed on them. However, it is essential to remember that pellets swell up when they are soaked, and if your goldfish eats them before they are wet, it may cause digestive problems for your fish.

It is advisable to soak the pellets before you drop them in your fish tank.

Gel Food

Gel food is the best form of goldfish food, especially for the fancy variety. In this kind of food, gelatin is the substance used to bind the other ingredients.  Gel food is easier to digest, and it will not pollute the water in the aquarium.

You can purchase the food in powder form, make it into a gel before feeding, or refrigerate for future use.

Treats for your Goldfish

An occasional treat can benefit your goldfish and provide them with the variety they need in their nutrition. Meat based foods are rich in protein and  there are several options you can choose from to treat your goldfish.

Freeze-Dried Food

Goldfish are omnivores; hence they need a healthy mix of plant and meat-based food. Freeze-dried blood worms are a rich source of protein for your goldfish.

They come in several varieties and chunks, so you may need to break them into smaller pieces for your younger goldfish.

Live Foods

Live foods are another excellent source of protein and are suitable for growing goldfish. The most popular choices for aquarists are brine shrimps and some plant-based live foods. Make sure you clean the live food properly before feeding your goldfish.

Frozen Food

Frozen food is popular amongst aquarists because they are free of infection and provide all the necessary nutrition to your goldfish.

Fresh Food

Feeding your goldfish fresh fruits and vegetables is another great way of keeping your fish healthy. You can feed them peas, zucchini, potatoes, and other vegetables. Preferably blanch the vegetables before feeding them to your goldfish.


Two to three minutes per feed is enough to fill your goldfish. Remove any leftover goldfish food left in the tank. Leftover food can dirty the tank and make your goldfish ill if they overeat. With Goldfish, less is always better.

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