First Med Inc Is Researching How to Combat Shingles with Ivermectin As Cases Rise Globally

Hong Kong: First Med Inc has found a new shingle treatment that is showing promising results. The treatment is a combination of Ivermectin, Zinc and Vitamin D. Ivermectin is a medication used to treat parasitic infections, and Vitamin D3 is a nutritional supplement known for its health benefits. Their new treatment reduces the symptoms of shingles, covid 19, and parasites as well.

As cases of shingles have increased, much research has been done on combating the condition. One of the most promising drugs is First Med Inc’s Ivermectin, which has been approved to combat the condition. The drug adheres to all health and safety standards, is backed by research and has previously passed numerous national health tests to treat parasitic worms and fight viruses.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit their website and order their effective medications. The team at First Med Inc is certified and has resources for shipping globally. They can expressly send medicine from their Chiang Mai warehouse if clients need the drug urgently. Their Hong Kong-based doctors can arrange an online prescription for patients in countries requiring prescription documentation before purchase as well. However, customers living in places like Thailand can order the drug from them without a prescription, per the country’s requirements. The company uses Sourcing and Trade and their logistics network to distribute medicines quickly to patients across the globe.

Here is what a satisfied client had to say regarding their customer service:

“I had covid back in March/April, and after recovering, I didn’t have any sense of taste or smell for 3 months afterwards. A friend of mine recommended I try some Ivermectin and zinc in combination, just in case I still had the spike protein in my system. I’m so glad I listened to them. I took a three days course, and before it was finished, my smell and taste has come back almost completely! You don’t know how happy I am to have found your product. Thank you so much!”

First Med Inc is praised because of the widespread use of their Ivermectin medications during the covid surge in India, Japan, and Africa. The Japanese Health Ministry and the CDC are some of the organisations that recommend using the company’s drug as a prophylactic treatment. Clients can check out their website’s Resources page to learn more about Ivermectin and how it is being used effectively around the world, or click through for specific information on the correct dosages.

Patients can order their medications by filling out the form on their website, and their responsive team will be in touch in no time. For more information on Ivermectin for shingles, visit their website or contact their customer representative through their website.

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