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FIREWORK GAMES broke the boundary between the metaverse and reality

“Free Guy”: Rather than accepting, better to change the world

“If one day you realized you are just a NPC in the game, will you continue to play, or choose another path, or even change the rules of the game?”

This problem not only exists in the main character’s heart (The bank teller) in the “Free Guy”, but also in the hearts of the audience.

“Free guy” shows us the possibilities of linking reality to metaverse by gaming. In the game scene shown in the movie, the player has a unique virtual identity and can interact with people in this world. The foundation of such kind of virtual social interaction requires great immersion, low latency, and the ability to access anytime, anywhere. Not only that player can be completely immersed in the metaverse, experiencing a different life parallel to the real world, but he/she can choose the path one wishes to experience.

A dream factory for gaming that bridges between virtual world and reality

In the current real world, the best way to enter the metaverse world is through an effective “stepping stone”. A shortcut which accelerates the development between the reality and metaverse, and the goal of FIREWORK GAMES blockchain gaming platform is to serve such a role.

In traditional games, players, as the main participants and users, assisting the growth of the game day and night, but do not receive any monetary gains. Whether it is game items or accounts, the ownership is in the hands of game developers. Blockchain games, especially the birth of NFT games, have allowed players to become the real winners and beneficiaries. They own digital proof of rights and interests.

In the stage of evolution from traditional games to blockchain games, FIREWORK GAMES has built a bridge to provide supports, funding and community governance for traditional games to advance to the next level, and reduce player entry requirement through blockchain technology. It solves the biggest shortcoming of the low popularity of blockchain games on the market, including independent game producers, global game players, all of whom will be diversified in the FIREWORK GAMES platform services.

FIREWORK GAMES is currently developing a variety of games. Among them, a role-playing massively multiplayer online global metaverse game (MMORPG) based on the interstellar background-“SPARK ERA” will be officially launched as the first game.

Your interstellar journey “SPARK ERA”

“SPARK ERA” is developed based on blockchain technology, combining both GameFi and NFT gaming assets as the core to advance the ecological construction of the game. In “SPARK ERA”, players will play the role of star citizens of different races based on the cruel faction confrontation under the law of the “Dark Forest”.

Bridge reality and into the virtual metaverse.

In “SPARK ERA”, the rich game design and logically rigorous background environment construction allows global players to maximize the thrill of immersive NFT games. Compared with the current blockchain GameFi and NFT games on the market, “SPARK ERA” has many natural advantages.

Top international game production team

As the first self-developed game of FIREWORK GAMES, relying on the advantages of an international development team, each team member has more than 10 years of game production experience, many of whom have participated in dozens of companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Tencent Games, NetEase Games, Ubisoft, etc.


In the SPARK ERA plan, the entire game will undergo three versions of iterative development and gameplay increase.

V1: SPARK ERA: Origin: Open the box or buy NFT cards, provide early open registration of Loot NFT, random cosmic events, stories and factions battles to improve the overall combat power of players’ level and their spaceships.

V2: SPARK ERA: Revelations: The dual-token economic model and TCG cards RANK ranking competition, land/planet auctions, and other 3D updated contents.

V3: SPARK ERA: Eternal Galaxy: Full on Interstellar warfare under the law of “Dark Forest”. In the V3 version, players can experience a rich and complete metaverse game world, freely explore in the endless 3D galaxy, Players will be able to enjoy gameplay and receive monetary gains throughout the SPARK ERA Trilogy.

Play to earn

When DEFI integrates the asset chain into the game in the form of encrypted tokens, players truly enjoy the joy of “Play to Earn”.

“SPARK ERA” is based on the economic model under the law of the Dark Forest, a brand-new metaverse for players. By using FIREWORK platform to bridge between virtual and reality, giving players an exciting galactic experience. At the same time, players can gain game revenue through NFT empowered mining, NFT card battles, planet auctions, and in the promotion of of the metaverse interstellar exploration, to achieve “Play To Earn”,