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Finding the Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Human health is the most valuable belonging of every individual hence a job that involves human health is not easy. It requires immense efficiency, expertise and a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the accomplishments of such tasks. A minor error in the process can lead to fatal consequences. This is exactly the reason why doctors, across the world, are held in high esteem; their noble profession is highly revered.

Unfortunately not every doctor or health provider possesses all the aforementioned qualities. There are many negligent, incompetent and unreliable doctors who are responsible for severe medical wrongdoings the consequences of which may range from unnecessary harassment to something as serious as death.

If you or your loved ones have been a victim of such medical incompetence, you can take legal actions against the injustice.

Filing a lawsuit is a complicated process to demand a just recompense.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to How a Medical Malpractice Case Works:

  1. Hiring a Lawyer:

The first step to this legal process is hiring a competent attorney. He will help you to file a lawsuit in time. He can also reach out to the professional against whom you’re filing the complaint against. He can also meet all the pre-suit requirements and make necessary arrangements before the case is filed. It’s very important to have proficient and experienced lawyers like Nashville medical malpractice lawyer who will take all the major and minor details, slips and crack into account which can later prove to be a vital piece of information.

  • Procure Photocopies of Medical Records:

Medical records form the base of any medical malpractice case. Medical documents give the attorneys a better insight and understanding into the case. It also grants them the opportunity to involve experts of the said field to offer testimonies that may strengthen the suit. You must ensure that you have all relevant medical records before filing a complaint. A small piece of information obtained from any one of such medical records can play a very significant role in bolstering the case.

  • Inform Insurance Companies:

It is essential on your part to bring the potential lawsuit to the company’s notice. In certain cases it initiates the internal review of the case which often causes a fair settlement before filing the lawsuit. Sometimes the companies offer the victim an amount less than what he deserves for their own profit. The attorney here plays a key role in determining the subsequent steps.

  • Meet all the Pre-suit Requirements:

Pre-suit requirements aim at accelerating legal processes and make the lawyer aware of or overcome all the possible obstacles. Pre-suit requirements pave the way for discussion related to the possibility of settlements in order to avoid getting into the tedious and prolonged legal proceedings.

  • Filing an Official Complaint:

Filing an official complaint is the final step of the legal process.

Although your lawyer will try to have an early settlement to avoid putting his client into a lengthy legal process, sometimes filing an official complaint is the only way out. Filing an official complaint basically means drafting a complaint which serves as a formal document that states the accusations made against the alleged professional. Making an official complaint initiates the process of lawsuit.


Stepping into complicated legal processes can be challenging and often exhausting especially when you are suffering from physical and mental distress along with monetary losses due to medical  malpractice, taking the legal path is oftentimes the only way to seek justice for yourself as well as for the ones you love.

Cummings Law may not be able lessen the inconsolable grief or suffering that medical incompetence entails but they work assiduously so that a just reparation is made for your loss.