FinancialCentre’s Stock Analyst Suggests Top 5 Automaker Stocks to buy in 2022

London, UK — The Automaker stocks are the shares of automobile companies that design and manufacture automobile vehicles and their parts. The automobile industry is growing rapidly worldwide. It is huge and visible to everyone. A significant number of people know about various automaker brands and waiting anxiously for their upcoming latest models. The automobile industry has performed outstandingly over the past year. There is a high rise in demand for electric cars, and this demand is changing the current economic environment of the automobile industry. Investing in automobile stock is always a great choice. Investors can make a considerable profit. There are significant automakers, for example, Mercedes Benz, Ford Motors, Porsche Automobil, Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Tesla, and General Motors Co. Toyota Motor Corp, Ford, etc. These companies have considerable market shares world-widely and in local markets. According to Eddie Thompson, a stock analyst at FinancialCentre, these companies have got the most significant potential to grow in 2022, and it might be a good choice to invest in and make a profit. The latest electric vehicles are in great demand, and their reshaping of the automobile sector also has boosted the automaker-stock market, and when there is great demand, there will be a significant number of sales. Here we are going to mention the top 5 automaker stocks for investors to make them able to choose wisely their best automaker stock to invest in and earn handsome profit. 

1-General Motor Company (GM)

It is an American-based multinational automotive manufacturing company, one of the largest automobile companies in the USA and worldwide. General Motors was founded 113 years ago in September 1908. The names of its founders are William C. Durant, Charles Stewart Mott, and Frederic L.Smith. For the consecutive 77 years, it was the most significant automaker company, from 1931, when it overtook Ford Motor Company, to 2008, when Toyota overtook it. There are 157000 employees working with GM. According to Fortune 500, it is ranked 22nd number among the largest corporations in the USA. In 2020 its total annual vehicle sale was 7,717,930 vehicles. The company’s total market capitalization is US$ 51.29 billion, and its total revenue is US$ 130.51 billion. It has a total number of outstanding 1,458,240,927 shares. Currently, NYSE GM’s stock is selling at US$35.21. Its total operating income is US$ 9.324 billion, and its total net operating income is US$ 9.945 billion. The total assets of General Motor Company are US$ 244.718 billion, and its total equity is US$ 65.815 billion. General Motors Company’s sales growth is increasing year by year, and it shows a tremendous potential to invest in GM. Overall it might be the most fantastic choice to invest in NYSE GM in 2022 for long-term benefits. 

2-Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

Tesla Inc. is an American-based automobile company owned by Elon Musk. Tesla manufactures electric automobiles, including cars and trucks, solar roof tiles, solar panels, battery energy storage, and other services and products. It was founded 18 years ago on 1 July 2003. Its headquarter is on Tesla Road, Texas, in the United States. Tesla provides its product and services in North America, Europe, East Asia, West Asia, and Oceania. Services provided by Tesla include software updates and upgrades, vehicle services, insurance, premium connectivity, etc. In 2020, Tesla was considered the world’s best-selling battery-electric and plug-in passenger car manufacturing company, with a market share of 23% of the battery-electric segment and 16% of the plug-in segment in 2020’s sales. Tesla produced 1 million electric cars in 2020. it has sold a total of 2.3 million units by the end of 2021 globally. Tesla’s total operating income is US$ 6.52 billion, and its net income is US$ 5.52 billion. The company’s total assets are worth US$ 62.1 billion. It has 110,000 total employees. In 2021, it produced 930,422 vehicles. Tesla’s total market capitalization is US$ 668.73 billion. The total number of outstanding shares of this company is 1,036,009,925, with the current price per share of US$ 648.61. According to Eddie Thompson, a stock analyst at FinancialCentre, its price might rise in the future.

3-Ford Motors Company (F)

Ford Motors is an American multinational vehicle manufacturing company founded by Henry Ford in 1903. The company provides its services and products worldwide. It has a total operating income of US$ 4.5 billion, and its total net income is US$ 17.9 billion. The current total revenue is reported as US$ 136.3 billion. The total assets of Ford are worth US$ 257 billion. There are 186,000 employees working with the company. In 2020 its total production output was 4.2 million vehicles. In 2021 its total US sales were 1,905,955, and it was the 12.4% US sales market share. Its total market capitalization is US$ 51.09 billion, and it has a total number of outstanding 4,019,765,355 shares. Its current stock price is US$ 12.69, and Thompson predicts that adjusted earnings might rise this fiscal year.

4- Porsche Automobile Holding (SE) 

Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and Sedans. It has headquarters in Stuttgart, Württemberg, Germany. Porsche was founded in 1931. It is serving around the globe now. It produced a total number of 301,915 total vehicles in 2021. Its total market capitalization is US$ 22.24 billion. The company’s total revenue is US$ 12.6 billion, and it has a total number of 306,250,000 shares outstanding in the market. Its current stock selling price is US$ 72.700. Thompson predicts that it might be an excellent choice for investors who prefer to hold the shares to profit in the long run. 

5- Mercedes Benz Group AG (MBGn) 

Mercedes Benz, commonly known as Mercedes, is a luxurious German automotive brand. It was established 95 years ago in 1926 with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. It has produced a total number of 2,164,187 cars world-widely. Mercedes Benz’s total revenue is US$ 168.75 billion. Its total number of outstanding shares is 1,069,837,447. Its market capitalization is US$ 68.69 billion, its recent per share selling price is US$ 64.000, and Thompson believes that it’s a strong buy to invest in 2022. 

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