Financial Training To Eliminate Bad Credit Card Debt In 2023 Launched By JFF

Journey to Financial Freedom’s new services help consumers control spending in today’s inflationary environment. JFF offers one-on-one mentoring along with support through online community groups so those battling credit card debt feel less alone and more empowered to reach their financial goals. Strategy sessions can be booked directly from the JFF company website.

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Credit card debt can quickly snowball, especially with today’s high interest rates. With the latest announcement, JFF focuses solely on helping individuals eliminate credit card debt, providing customized plans that put their clients on course to zeroing out credit card balances for 2023.

The announcement comes amid inflation rates at a 40-year high, which means consumer purchasing power is at a 40-year low. Many consumers are leaning on their credit cards to help bridge the gap in what they need and what they can afford.

Meanwhile, economists speculate a recession is on the horizon, conditions the experts at JFF say place anyone carrying credit card debt in a risky position because variable interest rates will rise during these conditions, making the debt consumers are carrying even more expensive.

The consultants at JFF offer their clients custom-tailored strategies that take lifestyle, mortgage, student loans, retirement, and other financial concerns and goals into consideration to develop a workable plan. JFF says the first steps for anyone looking to erase credit card debt is to prioritize balances on high interest rate cards, and to ensure no payments are skipped.

With the latest announcement, JFF seeks to help individuals struggling with credit card debt find the solutions they need to be debt-free in 2023. With so many economic factors working against consumer purchasing power, the temptation to put food, furniture, gas, and day-to-day necessities on credit is leading many into unmanageable debt.

JFF also reminds consumers that the faster they pay off their credit cards, the cheaper it will be. For example, a starting balance of $2,000 at an interest rate of 18 percent will take 13 years and 10 months to pay off at the $60 minimum payment. The interest paid over that time frame amounts to an extra $1,799. By adding an extra $100 per month to make a $160 monthly payment, the balance would be paid off in 1.5 years with total interest amounting to $264.

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