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As a Final Expense agent, prospecting is the most important activity individuals can engage in. But traditional prospecting methods can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s where the AkornTree system comes in. With this cutting-edge system, ones can say goodbye to door-knocking, chasing clients, long-distance driving, and other tedious activities.

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The AkornTree system offers 10X Prospecting with its powerful automation tools, which include birthday wishes, appointment reminders, prospecting messaging, follow-up campaigns, missed call campaigns, quote campaigns, policyholder retention, and one-touch dialing. By automating these tasks, individuals can save time and focus on what matters most: building relationships with potential clients.

No more wasting time on door-knocking or chasing clients. With AkornTree, ones can work smarter, not harder. The system provides exceptional lead nurture, generation, and capture through various channels, including importing, SMS, voicemail, email, Facebook Messenger, and more. Individuals can communicate with customers on a personalized level, and automate repetitive tasks to free up their time.

AkornTree’s pipeline management system helps individuals track their leads and sales progress and provides real-time data and insights into their business. Ones can create and track ROI for their marketing efforts and use pre-built funnel templates to optimize their sales process. The system is user-friendly and provides exceptional customer support.

AkornTree is the ultimate solution for streamlining sales, prospecting, and nurturing processes. With its advanced automation features, even the newest agent can easily take control of their business, influence outcomes, and drive exceptional results. By embracing the power of AkornTree agents can make the transition from field to phone seamlessly and replace or increase activity, income and retention.

One agent said, “Being an amputee. I’m limited. I was in my house. I got it. I didn’t have to put on any extra air conditioner. I didn’t have to get an umbrella. I didn’t have to waste gas, (just) make a phone call, the sale was easy”

Find more information on the website

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