FIDIS has Launched the FI25 Crypto Index Token – the First in the Series of NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, and Gaming Index Tokens

Minimize your Risk… Maximize your Profits!

The FIDIS FI25 Crypto Index Token was launched on December 20 to provide the first and unique DeFi solution for investors looking for simple, safe, and secure crypto investments to minimize risks and maximize profits.

No longer will users need to be concerned with selecting the next highest returning cryptocurrencies, as a new simple-to-own Ethereum-based token automatically allocates the most capitalized and highest trending cryptocurrencies into their investment baskets.

“It reduces your trading costs by allowing you to purchase one crypto asset instead of twenty-five,” said Malik Qamza, founder and CEO of FIDIS. “It also facilitates easier asset management by eliminating the necessity for several different cryptocurrency wallets.”

FI25 is backed by the top 25 cryptocurrencies (excluding stable coins). FIDIS’s FI25 Crypto Index token is controlled by the FIDIS FI25 DAO LLC. All underlying assets are held under the name of the FIDIS FI25 DAO LLC and secured with top crypto custodians on the market and provide the real value behind the FI25 token.

“This is a new approach to user participation and governance in the investment industry and will revolutionize finance,” said Qamza.  “It is our hope that by giving users more control over their investment capital that FIDIS will lead the way in establishing a new era of increased financial oversight, accountability, and transparency.”  Token holders will be able to vote on important policies which affect the ownership and management of the DeFi smart contract.  The DAO structure allows for FI25 assets to be separated from the company’s, FIDIS Corp, own assets and makes them traceable and more secure for FI25 investors.

FI25 token holders are protected from the complete loss of the token’s value because the underlying cryptocurrency assets are separated from the company, held by third-party custodians, and managed according to the community.

It’s simply a better alternative to the Crypto ETFs.

The FI25 Crypto Index token is the first in a series of NFT, Metaverse, DeFi, Gaming crypto index tokens that FIDIS will integrate into its mobile crypto application. FIDIS App would allow users to buy, sell, save, send, get a loan using FI25 and other upcoming tokens. In addition, those who participate in FI25 IEO will enjoy FREE instant transfers for life and DOUBLE APY (*) with the first saving contract! FIDIS will be releasing a mobile crypto application in Q1, 2022.

FIDIS provides users with opportunities to earn passive income with their FI25 Crypto Index tokens.

Users can stake their FI25 Crypto Index tokens in yield farming within exchanges where it is listed to take advantage of high returns. Additionally, users can earn passive income by staking FI25 Crypto Index tokens in DeFi liquidity pools.

“Every time you provide liquidity for a trade, you earn a commission,” said Qamza. “Now, you can generate passive income, participate in the DeFi economy, and be your own market maker, all while increasing your diversification and reducing your risk!”

“At FIDIS, we believe in empowering our customers and easing the burden of traditional financial decision-making,” said Qamza. “The FI25 Crypto Index token allows you the freedom to spend your time on the more important things in life without worrying about your crypto investments while providing you with additional income generation opportunities. The FI25 Crypto Index token allows us to fulfill our promise better and lets you master the cryptocurrency markets like a pro!”

Step up your cryptocurrency investment strategy with FIDIS’s FI25 Crypto Index token!

Reach Higher with FIDIS!

FI25 Crypto Index Details

– Funds allocation percentage is based on the market capitalization of underlying assets.

– NAV is calculated at 1/1000th of the aggregate asset basket.

– Asset rebalancing occurs as outlined in the product schedule with an average time of one week.

(*) – Up to the amount of FI25 Crypto Index tokens initially purchased during the IEO period


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