FCF Launches Crypto to Fiat Credit Cards with 100,000 USD Daily Limit

United States, 19th Dec 2022 –  Fund card with crypto. Spend in fiat. 

French Connection Finance ($FCF) has announced the launch of its new global credit cards which can be funded with any cryptocurrency and spent in fiat currencies anywhere in the world. 

The physical credit cards have a 100,000 USD withdrawal limit per day and withdrawals can be made from ATMs around the world. The credit cards are fully insured and they can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted.

“We are one of the first companies to acquire the full rights to issue credit cards that can be funded with crypto and used globally,” says John Nasr, CEO of French Connection Finance. “This new utility from FCF can be used by centralized and decentralized exchanges, businesses, and individuals. We have already closed negotiations with a top 20 exchange and many more are lined up.”

This latest addition to the FCF payment ecosystem will see the company become self-sustaining and profitable with transaction fees from credit card purchases driving FCF’s expansion. 

FCF aims to become the leading financial services provider worldwide with an ecosystem aimed at bringing crypto to the forefront of everyday life. FCF Pay, its flagship product is a fully-encrypted cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows anyone with a crypto wallet to purchase goods and services using a variety of cryptocurrencies on just about any blockchain.

Individuals can buy products and services with a crypto wallet, and merchants can receive payouts in crypto or fiat with the lowest transaction fees. FCF Pay delivers full white-label solutions to companies and integration to existing payment systems is seamless, due to the FCF Pay’s flexible API. FCF Pay’s buyback and burn feature ensures that every time a purchase is made through the payment gateway, FCF tokens are purchased and burnt by French Connection Finance. This decreases the supply of FCF tokens, creating massive financial gains for FCF investors.

This new announcement is exciting news for crypto holders and another milestone in mainstream crypto adoption for everyone.

About French Connection Finance:

French Connection Finance is all about “Empowering Crypto.” As a utility-first crypto company, we launched our crypto payment gateway for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores called FCF Pay in February 2022, bridging the gap between crypto and commerce. We empower cryptocurrency holders by allowing them to purchase goods and services through our fully-encrypted cryptocurrency payment gateway. Merchants can accept payment in a wide range of cryptocurrencies, via a fiat to crypto credit/debit card on-ramp or even bank transfer. They can also convert it simply and easily to fiat. $FCF rewards holders with passive income through dividends from FCF Pay transactions. Over 1 million USD worth of dividends has been disbursed to holders so far. French Connection Finance was recognized as the most innovative project in 2022 at the Crypto Expo Dubai. $FCF is Certik verified, registered in Canada, and has a fully doxxed CEO and team.

Find More Information About FCF:

Visit https://frenchconnection.finance or send an email to John Nasr (CEO of FCF) at [email protected].

FCF PAY: https://fcfpay.com/

Join the Telegram community: https://t.me/frenchconnection_bsc

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FCF_Bsc

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