FBATUBE.com the next big social media platform!

TikTok was all the craze in 2020 but 2021 is here and FBATUBE is here to stay. The company recently came on the scene but has already made a stamp on the entertainment scene with interviews featuring some of the top entertainers and YouTubers like @iam_marwa and @realmrlocario. FBATube receives approximately over 120k monthly visitors and the company is reportedly valued over $1.1 million.

You may now be asking yourself, “What is FBATUBE”? FBATube can be described as a video streaming platform tailored to the urban and black community. I would say the site is comparable to YouTube in 2005 before it become the tech giant it is today. Like YouTube, the site features several categories to include a black news section, hip hop section, movie review category, and interviews. The future for the company looks very bright because social media is in its prime time and FBATube.com features niche’s that are highly profitable in today’s culture.

Visit https://fbatube.com to view their content and follow them on Instagram @fbatube.