Farm Finance – A NFT play-to-earn game about Farming made impressive

Google keyword search data showed interest in NFTs has surged to a record, with the outstanding traffic search terms related to crypto. Interest in NFT increased dramatically, including NFT Gaming – And that’s how we started: Farm Finance – One of the latest NFT Games based on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

Farm Finance is based on ideas from a famous farming game years ago on Zing Me. Combined with NFT’s Blockchain technology, you can play to earn from now on – which allow you can create your finance from your own farm. Players can planting & harvest to earn rewards, also towards to interactive community features for more enjoying.

Gameplay is focus on planting and harvesting for rewards – A fairly basic gameplay but equally interesting because players can also interact with friends to help them take care of the farms.

There are 5 plants are sorted by rarity and profitability : Corn, Coffee, Litchi, Rice and Mango, NFT is determination by unique ID, genes, boost items and levels of each of plant. Players can find their favorite plants by purchasing seed box in game or trading on marketplace. Owning a sustainable farm with a great rewards as a passive income is not a matter in Farm Finance from now on.

What is the token of Farm Finance?

Farm Finance Token (FFT) is a main native token on ecosystem. It will be deployed on a Binance Smart Chain with total supply 200,000,000 FFT.

FFT is used almost features in Farm Finance. From play-to-earn player’s vision, it’s an indispensable item & one of a prerequisite to claiming prize, furthermore it can be profitable through trading as a traditional way of trading decentralized exchanges.

Token metrics have smartly set up so cash flows don’t get too much inflation during operation, specificly, Team allocation will be locked for 1 year, then unlocked 20% monthly. Partner & Advisor allocation will be locked for 6 months, then unlocked 20% monthly. Private sale is unlocked ONLY 8% each month since TGE ( Token Generation Event ).

Moreover, all tokens which not be sold through token sale events will be burned permanently. This cause that Farm Finance is serious with price stabilization and heading to long-terms of the project.

Roadmap and Vision

Roadmap also a factor that bring much more promising at Farm Finance. Not only showing clearly the project development, but also showing investors a vision about the plan that promoting and stimulte the value of the token – which most NFT game projects nowaday have trouble with panic sell and getting to ruined.

Sharing with community, CEO of Farm Finance – Mr. Khang – had an insightful view and understanding investor about their concerned in crypto & blockchain era, that the most difficult thing also the best thing to keep a crypto project always attractive investors is sustainability. So this is a priority condition that the Farm Finance will try to achieve, it might be take some time as well as need support from the community itself.

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