Faith-Based Inspiration For Times Of Hardship & Christian Tips: Guides Launched

Created by Dr. Charles Page, a surgeon and Christian speaker, the guides offer a message of hope to those experiencing mental health problems and other hardships and are available in written, audio, and video format.

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Spoonful of Courage believes that messages of hope and encouragement from the Bible can help individuals cope in times of crisis. As such, Dr. Page and his family draw on Christian teachings to remind readers that struggle is temporary and faith can alleviate some of the pain.

As well as sharing Christian teachings, the guides include real-life stories from people who have overcome similar challenges. In these stories, Christians detail how faith has helped them navigate hard times and find hope during crises. They share their advice for others going through similar experiences.

Spoonful of Courage believes that the guides can help individuals find the strength and courage to keep going during difficult times and learn to see the value in their struggles. Dr. Page says that faith can even help people understand how these obstacles can be used to their advantage. The company hopes that it can help Christians develop resilience and find their faith in Christianity restored.

The first four guides are available on a complimentary basis and interested parties can subscribe to receive further resources, including the Spoonful Of Courage book.

“In these chaotic times, everyone needs hope, confidence, and inspiration. Spoonful of Courage aims to motivate you to keep going and see the opportunities in life’s obstacles,” said Dr. Page. “What began as a series of books, has morphed into a platform where people tell inspiring stories and share their life experiences. All of our materials are based on Christian teachings and are designed to give people hope when it seems all hope is lost.”

Spoonful Of Courage is a family-owned, faith-based company based in Texas. They are passionate about spreading a message of faith and hope to those who need it most.

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