Fairy Activity Gift Box Crate For Young Girls | Make-Believe Projects Launched

The non-profit organization has introduced a practical and project-based fairy-themed activity kit created to encourage and motivate girls to complete projects on their own – by providing them with a core fantasy idea and the materials needed to build relevant fun projects they can immerse themselves in. Designed for children between the ages of 5-11, in partnership with the local Girl Scouts branch, the crate helps to spark girls’ imaginations by letting them take a universally popular ‘make-believe’ theme and construct their own stories around it.

More information can be found at https://www.girlcratery.org

GirlCratery’s new subscription box contains a flower headband, rhinestone jewels, an organza bag with wildflower seeds, and all the knick-knacks necessary for a transformative fairy experience. As with all of GirlCratery’s products, each box is first tested with real girls in the target age group (5-11) and packed with the relevant tools, complete with stickers and patches.

Children learn through play in a variety of ways, including how they build and explore friendships, how they develop and test theories, and how they make sense of their surroundings. Because of this, the foundation of successful pre-primary programs is play opportunities and environments that encourage play, discovery, and hands-on learning. A 2019 survey, however, revealed that nearly 70% of children aged five to eight do not engage in enough pretend play, such as playing with dolls or action figures. Pedagogical experts claim that this kind of play promotes social and emotional growth, assisting kids in establishing and sustaining friendships, as well as managing their emotions.

The Fairy Crate allows girls’ imaginations to run wild as they explore the magic possibilities of fairies, or faeries – symbols of good luck and protection/healing across many different cultures. Playing ‘make-believe’ stories like these help to spur girls’ imaginations and creativity. Other GirlCratery boxes include the Fidget Crate, the Crafty Crate, the GeoCaching Crate, and several more.

GirlCratery’s goal is to provide girls with the tools and basic ideas that let them explore their imaginations and the world – either on their own or with friends, siblings, parents, or caregivers. Each crate, according to GirlCratery, is worth at least $50, and if the girls’ guardians were to obtain the products themselves, the value would be higher. To receive a fresh crate each month, they encourage interested parents and guardians to subscribe to the group’s service.

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.girlcratery.org

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