Fairview Chiropractic and Massage is Celebrating 13 Years of Providing Chiropractic Care Plus Massage in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Fairview Chiropractic and Massage takes a holistic and natural approach to improving health and wellness for its patients. The clinic utilizes a combination of chiropractic and massage therapy as a healing gateway that counters symptoms emanating from poor posture, overuse/stress, and traumatic injury. The clinic has a team of highly qualified and experienced Chiropractors who treat a myriad of health conditions. Some conditions they handle at the clinic include muscular tension, sprains/strains, neck and back pain, work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, postural strains, tendonitis, and sports-related injuries.

The mission of Fairview Chiropractic in Halifax is to empower patients to take better control of their health and well-being. When a patient shows up for the appointment, the doctors take time to understand their medical history, run relevant tests, and customize a treatment plan based on a patient’s specific needs, concerns, and treatment goals. They graciously support each patient’s treatment journey toward wellness and may recommend periodic checkups to monitor a patient’s progress. In many cases, the doctor will customize a short home exercise program to help the patients to relieve their condition and/or correct their posture for better, more effective results.

Massage Therapy, when offered by a professional Massage Therapist in Halifax, provides an outlet to deal with stress, helps relieve some medical conditions, and assists patients in maintaining health and balance naturally. It is an excellent treatment for dysfunction and pain in the muscles. Massage therapy can benefit everyone, including infants, pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Massage Therapy is an effective treatment for issues such as frozen shoulders, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress reduction, neck and shoulder tension, chronic fatigue, and low back pain.

The chiropractor may suggest a combination of chiropractic and massage therapy treatment.. The co-treatment creates a potent healing approach that counters numerous conditions. “We are proud to have served the Halifax community for 13 years and we want to celebrate this milestone and share it with our patients,” said a Fairview Chiropractic Team Member. “We look forward to many more years of serving our patients and helping them to achieve their wellness and goals.”

Fairview Chiropractic and Massage also offers customized foot Orthotics. Patients with symptoms such as bunions, hammer toes, hip/back pain, localized foot pain, flat feet, or high arches are candidates for prescription orthotics. The prescription orthotics are customized to meet the needs of each patient’s feet and are great for restoring balance and alignment of the body. Further, they relieve pain and tension in the feet, ankles, and the rest of the body as they absorb the shock from the ground.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit their website or call (902) 405-5433 to speak to a member of the tea. Fairview Chiropractic and Massage is located at 25 Titus Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 2N5 CA.

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