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The updated IPT is used in combination with low-dose chemotherapy. Data suggests that insulin increases the permeability of cancer cells, making chemotherapy more effective at killing them. Not only does IPT lead to the destruction of more cancer cells, but it also reduces known side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea.

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Gentle Wellness Center updated its insulin potentiation therapy to offer more people a holistic and alternative cancer management program. In particular, IPT is recommended for patients who need continuous rounds of chemotherapy.

Typically, cancer patients need around four to eight cycles of treatment, depending on the severity of their condition. However, each round carries with it significant risks, including organ damage, hair loss, and anemia. Doctors attempt to minimize these risks by scheduling a few weeks of recovery in between each round.

Nevertheless, aggressive forms of cancer require shorter periods between treatments, which may inadvertently cause more harm to the body. Physicians have been looking for ways to reduce these risks and developed IPT to weaken cancer cells so that only low-dose chemotherapy is needed.

Gentle Wellness Center is one of the few alternative wellness centers to offer this treatment. New clients can schedule a no-obligation 20-minute phone consultation with the in-house physician, Dr. Annie Ressalam, to determine if they are a potential candidate for the therapy.

IPT’s usefulness for all kinds of cancers is still being researched. However, the therapy has been shown to offer therapeutic benefits for all stages of breast cancer.

Gentle Wellness Center is a functional alternative medical practice and spa in Fairfax, Virginia. It specializes in wellness treatments and offers a variety of in-house and online therapies. It is a fee-for-service practice and currently does not accept any kind of insurance.

A spokesperson for the center wrote, “If you are looking for a holistic approach to wellness, this could most certainly be the place for you. Our providers are well-recognized.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.mygentlewellness.com/insulin-potentiation-therapy

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