Fair Trade Organic Italian Roast Coffee Subscription For Drip Launched

The retailer’s full new collection of Italian roast coffees is certified as Fair Trade Organic and is naturally processed from beans farmed in the world’s best coffee-growing regions. With their new Italian roast collection, GoCoffeeGo’s goal is to provide their dark roast loving customers with a gourmet cup of smooth yet bold and distinct coffee at home; one as drinkable as the coffee-loving nation is famous for crafting.

More information is available at https://www.gocoffeego.com/coffee-gifts

Their new collection of Italian roast coffee has been released in time for the New Year. GoCoffeeGo believes that one resolution any drip coffee drinker should make in 2023 is to stop drinking the generic low quality drip coffee blends that fill the supermarket aisles. The retailer believes these blends typically offer a lackluster cup of Joe, and are often the result of unethical and environmentally damaging coffee farming practices.

Instead, as a proud Fair Trade retailer, all of GoCoffeeGo’s darkly roasted Italian blends are made from organically and ethically farmed beans.

The online store’s blends have been roasted to work best in a drip coffee maker or percolator and to offer drip coffee drinkers the same smoothness and texture of a barista-blended brew.

For those coffee lovers who prefer their beans another way, the online retailer also has the same Italian roasts in a fine or espresso grind, coarse grind and in whole beans. For those shoppers who love the taste of coffee but not the caffeine content, the retailer is now selling decaf Italian roasted blends.

Popular new Italian roast drip coffee blends shoppers can now purchase include their Italian Roast Blend from Klatch Coffee. This full-bodied blend is a bold medium-dark roast that seeks to transport drinkers to the historic canals of Venice or to a charming plaza in the center of Rome.

Most of GoCoffeeGo LLC’s new dark Italian roasts come in a 12oz, 2lb or 5lb size and they can be shipped across the United States. They also now have a regular subscription service.

A spokesperson for the online gourmet coffee experts said, “We are proud to be the ultimate destination to buy drip coffee online. Our blends are roasted to order and shipped directly from the roaster to you.”

More details on their Italian collection and their new Green coffee subscription, which will include selections from their new Italian roast collection as well as from other popular blends, can be found at https://www.gocoffeego.com/coffee-gifts

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