Factors Influencing 5G Cell Tower Lease Contracts in 2023

Numerous factors will continue to influence the amount someone is paid for 5G cell tower lease contracts in 2023. Knowing what those are is vital in helping landowners negotiate a fair deal. Without the information, they are essentially at the mercy of the phone companies, who will often take advantage of the fact that the landowners are not experts in the field. David Espinosa, a cell tower lease expert, offers people a free 30-minute phone consultation to guide people in getting the best lease rates in 2023.

“There will continue to be many changes in the cell tower lease field, as many more 5G towers go up,” explains David Espinosa, president of TowerLeases.com. “Additionally, other tower leases will be renewed, or the landowner will be offered a buyout. If you are not working with a lease expert, you leave money on the table.”

Some factors in negotiating a fair 5G tower lease include the building materials used, antenna height, vegetation surrounding the area, impact fees, area bylaws, and more. Most people need to become more familiar with the factors, so they need to learn how to determine a fair rate or negotiate a lease in their favor. The cell companies know this and take advantage of it, allowing them to come out further ahead.

Cell phone companies must provide customers with a large coverage area, great support, faster speeds, and upgraded towers. As such, they need to work to find ideal locations for 5G towers to be placed, including on structures and buildings. The best way for those who own the land, whether a government or private entity, is to work with a cell tower expert who can analyze the factors and proposed contract.

“I love being able to help someone negotiate a higher and more fair lease rate,” added Espinosa. “I’ve helped countless people over the last 15 years to get contracts they are comfortable with, and I can help you, too. I can determine how much I can help you with one phone call, so it’s worth making the call.”

Espinosa has helped many government agencies, private landowners, and businesses negotiate fair cell tower contracts and handle renewals and buyouts. He can help people get the highest lease rates as an industry expert. He works with those who have contracts with AT&T, Verizon, Crown Castle, and more. For a free 30-minute consultation or to learn more, call 404-644-6446 or visit the site at: TowerLeases.com

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Based in Atlanta, TowerLeases.com serves the country with cell tower lease consultation and negotiation services. Its mission is to help protect those leasing their land for cellphone towers. It offers a free consultation to see if its services would be a good fit for those already leasing their land for a cell tower and those considering doing so. Its services are available in Brazil and have now expanded to other areas of South America. For more information on the company, visit its site at www.TowerLeases.com. For a free 30-minute consultation regarding cellphone tower leasing, call 404-644-6446.

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