EZ Rankings’ Contemporary SEO Approach Aids Businesses Market Themselves

EZ Rankings, a quality SEO Company in India, has been in the business for more than a decade. They are a premium SEO company in India that provides quality, cutting-edge internet marketing services to their clients. With their SEO approach, clients have experienced a remarkable jump in their website traffic and conversions. 

However, being in the internet marketing business isn’t a smooth stairway. The SEO industry, though, buzzing, is constantly evolving. On these challenges, Mansi Rana, the managing director of EZ Rankings said, “At EZ Rankings, we take note of what’s new and trending. We quickly adapt to the changes and implement the strategies for our clients accordingly”. 

Why Do Companies Today Require SEO? 

SEO has become a need for every business in today’s time. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is an internet marketing tactic that allows businesses to attract customers on the web. Following are the reasons why businesses today need SEO:

1. SEO involves your organic, unpaid business marketing efforts. You don’t have to spend any money as it is solely an effort-based initiative. Therefore, SEO helps you build trust and authority in the eyes of the search engine and the people. In fact, 70 percent of clicks on the search engine are for organic clicks, as reported by the Search Engine Journal. In conclusion, it’s a vital tactic that allows you to brand your business in a positive light. 

2. It’s reported by Go-Globe that 46% of all Google searches are local. This makes it certain that people are always browsing on the phone looking for a service that’s nearby their location. Well, SEO gives you the benefit of reaching these customers and displaying your services on the SERP when your customers need them the most. 

3. SEO allows you to drive relevant traffic to your business website. This gives a business the full authority to be creative and customize content tailored towards a specific individual. In this way, SEO allows you to acquire loyal and rewarding customers with which you can do business long term. 

What Makes EZ Rankings Stand Out From The Crowd?

EZ Rankings embarked on a journey to provide quality marketing services so that businesses can promote themselves to their full potential. This allows their clients to reach their full potential and help them bring the customers they deserve. On the flip side, this allows people to find quality businesses that can provide them with top-notch services. On this Mani Rana said, “It works both ways, and we are happy that we serve the society in this way. We are proud of our initiative”.

The company makes sure to follow a robust modern SEO strategy for its clients. They refuse anything outdated and only focus on procedures that bring results for their clients on the web. The company’s SEO strategy consists of the following factors:

1. Understanding client goals and their vision.

2. Business website analysis and keyword and market research. 

3. Content creation that focuses on user intent.  

4. Competitor analysis is performed to better decode and understand any business’s competition. 

5. On-Page and link building activities that guarantee higher rankings on the SERP. 

6. Better branding for clients through social media marketing services.

7. Finally, performance tracking and maintenance of SEO results are done to complete the SEO campaign cycle.

These are some of the noted facts and figures that set EZ Rankings apart from their competitors:

1. The company has over 100+ team of professionals and have clients in more than 28+ countries.

2. EZ Rankings have served over 8800+ clients and have a client retention rate of 97%. 

3. The venture has been acclaimed for its work and has been featured on HubSpot, Daily Herald, Hindustan Times, and more. 

4. They use modern tools to optimize their SEO campaigns. This includes Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ravan, etc. to better handle clients’ SEO marketing efforts. 

5. Finally, EZ Rankings is a Google partner and Bing ads accredited organization.

One of their recent happy clients, Dr. Charbel from Integrated Health Solutions, Indianapolis, recently stated this about the company, ” I stopped taking their services for a while just to see any change. For the value, I was disappointed and came back to EZ Rankings. I highly recommend them as they do their job, do what they say, deliver exceptional work, and are highly responsive. I can’t speak enough of them and highly recommend them”.

It is this approach that has struck a chord with the clients of EZ Rankings. Constantly delivering personalized cutting-edge strategies for their clients is their way of doing business. EZ Rankings – SEO Reseller Company, believes in letting business owners do their business and not letting their marketing hold them back. In the end, they say, “We are there for your marketing”.