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Perth, WA: Perth Property Valuers Metro brings a wealth of experience to their property valuation services, with a combined experience spanning over three centuries. The team comprises 15 senior certified property valuers who provide comprehensive, independent property valuations without conflict of interest. This ensures complete accuracy and transparency for their clients.

The company’s property valuation services include commercial and residential property valuations. Their commercial property valuers have extensive experience valuing properties of varying sizes, from storefronts to large office spaces. Many clients seek their services for rental appraisal, insurance valuation, buying or selling property, and transferring names of titles. The company is unique in that they ensure backup research and calculations accompany each valuation report.

Perth Property Valuers Metro is committed to providing accurate and reliable residential property valuations to help its clients make informed decisions. Their certified property valuers have in-depth knowledge and expertise in determining the value of residential properties, including apartments, townhouses, and houses. They can help clients seeking residential property valuation reports, including those looking to buy or sell a property, apply for a mortgage, or transfer ownership. The company’s valuers use a variety of factors to determine the value of a residential property, including the size, condition, location, and age of the property, as well as recent sales data for comparable properties in the area.

The valuers also handle critical services such as SMSF property valuation, family law property valuation, retrospective property valuation, and rental appraisal. Their certified property valuers are available to answer any questions property owners may have.

The company’s retrospective property valuation service determines the value of a property at a past date while researching relevant property market data and comparing property values in the same locality. This is different from standard property valuation, which provides the current property value. Clients may request retrospective property valuation for various reasons, including capital gains tax valuations, probate taxes, property valuation tax purposes, and government grant submissions. Perth Property Valuers Metro also welcomes clients interested in organizing business, property, plant, or equipment valuation.

With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, the company has earned a reputation for reliability and accuracy. Its track record of completing over 8,600 property valuations since its establishment is a testament to its expertise, and the glowing reviews shared by clients reflect their satisfaction with the company’s services. Here is what one said: “I needed a current market valuation for my investment property. Perth Property Valuers Metro were able to do all that I needed and in a very timely fashion, couldn’t have been easier!”

The certified property valuers at Perth Property Valuers Metro can be contacted at (08) 9468 3202. Their office is located at Unit 12, 326 Hay Street, Perth, WA, 6000, AU. The company is also active on social media.

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