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Boise, Idaho – Physically-intensive sporting activities are fun for fans and athletes alike, but they come with injury risks in many forms with varying severities. In the best-case scenarios, injured athletes can make do with the age-old recommendations of resting, icing, compression, elevation, and bracing. When these options fail, victims are forced to explore other options, which, up until recently, were limited to pain medications and surgical procedures. After noticing the glaring shortcomings of these two options, QC Kinetix (Boise) set out to resolve the issues by providing a third alternative. Specifically, the clinic offers patient-centered regenerative medicine therapies that amplify the human body’s restoration abilities to provide relief.

Pain medications for sports-related injuries are nothing but temporary remedies at best. Relying solely on these drugs is a misguided approach, as they eventually lose their effectiveness, and more is needed. A viable alternative is the regenerative medicine offered at QC Kinetix (Boise), which targets the root cause of pain. The clinic’s treatment involves applying biologic factors to the affected area, activating and supporting the immune system, leading to restoration.

After asking if, the next most important question injured athletes often worry about is when they will be able to play again. This is why most of them never relish the idea of going under the knife unless it is entirely unavoidable. Luckily, QC Kinetix (Boise) provides them a tried-and-proven way out of surgery but back to recovery and peak performance. By opting for one of the clinic’s Boise sports medicine options instead of the scalpel, injured athletes can shave off many months of precious time needed to recover fully. This is not to mention that regenerative medicine therapies are not as risky as complicated surgical procedures that also take longer to recover from.

“During my 15 seasons in the NFL and then transitioning to my very active life after football, taking care of my body and joints has always been a primary focus for me. When I think about the longevity of my joints, it all starts with what I do today. QC Kinetix provides several different therapies that are state-of-the-art, advanced treatments that complement and promote the body’s natural restoration process so well. It’s always exciting to partner with a company when you’ve experienced first-hand the quality and effectiveness of their products,” said Emmitt Smith, American professional football legend and QC Kinetix partner.

While helping injured athletes recover fully and fast is the treatment provider’s first priority at QC Kinetix (Boise), minimizing their chances of re-injury is a close second, if not equally important. Visit their website to find out more about their regenerative medicine treatments. Injured athletes eager to regain their pre-injury conditions can visit the clinic at 9382 West Overland Road, Boise, ID, 83709, USA, to explore available options. A QC Kinetix (Boise) representative is always reachable at (208) 425-2747 for queries or appointment scheduling.

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