Expat Money Summit 2023: The Online Key to Expat Freedom & Success

Expat Money, a leading resource for expats worldwide, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Expat Money Summit 2023, taking place from October 2nd to 6th. This virtual event brings together over 30 experts with decades of experience to reveal strategies on reclaiming freedom abroad, legally reducing tax bills, and maximizing returns with zero fear or worry.

Following the resounding success of last year’s summit, which attracted over 7,000 participants and featured more than 35 sessions, the Expat Money Summit returns for its second edition with even greater offerings. The best part? It’s still absolutely free to attend, ensuring accessibility for individuals at every stage of their expat journey.

The Expat Money Summit is a week-long conference designed to empower attendees with invaluable knowledge and insights. With a diverse lineup of speakers, participants will explore various topics such as obtaining secondary residences and citizenships, legal and easy methods to reduce tax bills, discovering new investment opportunities, and embracing the expat lifestyle. The Summit is not just a conference; it fosters a supportive community, organizing events and meet-ups around the globe.

Meet Mikkel Thorup, the host of the Expat Money Summit and founder of Expat Money. With over 23 years of experience as an expat and having traveled to more than 110 countries, Mikkel brings unparalleled expertise to help others live fulfilling expat lives. As the CEO of Expat Money, he has assisted hundreds of private clients in areas such as immigration, investments, and wealth protection, making him a trusted resource for those seeking guidance.

The Expat Money Summit 2023 features an impressive lineup of speakers, including renowned personalities such as Dr. Ron Paul, a respected American politician and author known for his libertarian views, Doug Casey, an acclaimed entrepreneur and author specializing in international investing, and Jim Rogers, a prominent investor and financial commentator renowned for his expertise in global markets. Other notable speakers include Kristin Wilson, a travel blogger, and digital nomad – (please remove Kristin. Unfortunately, she will not be attending this year), Marco Wutzer, a German blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, and Marisa Meddin, an internationally known keynote speaker and coach.

Last year’s participants (have – remove) praised the Expat Money Summit for its high-value and informative sessions. David Rempel, a satisfied participant, expressed his gratitude for the quality of speakers and topics, vowing to attend again and recommend the event to friends. Nicholas Ibioro shared his enthusiasm for the Expat Money community, highlighting its significance for freedom, wealth, and security.

In addition to the educational content, the Expat Money Summit offers participants a chance to be part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals and families. The connections and networking opportunities gained through this event are invaluable, and participants can join regular excursions, parties, and get-togethers worldwide to further enhance their expat experiences.

To reserve a free ticket for the Expat Money Summit 2023 and secure a spot at the world’s biggest expat conference, visit Expat Money Summit 2023

Various ticket options are available, including VIP and Prestige Tickets, providing additional benefits such as lifetime access, bonus resources, and personal expat advice from Mikkel Thorup.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reclaim freedom abroad, legally reduce tax bills, and maximize returns. Join the Expat Money Summit 2023 and embark on a journey toward a fulfilling expat life.

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Expat Money is a leading resource and community dedicated to helping individuals reclaim their freedom abroad, reduce tax burdens, and maximize financial returns. Expat Money provides valuable insights and resources for expats worldwide through its online platform, podcast, and events like the Expat Money Summit. With a strong emphasis on community and support, Expat Money empowers individuals to make informed decisions and thrive in their expat journeys.

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