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Expand your marketing strategy with these 6 effective offline marketing techniques

While digital marketing is a necessary part of anyone’s marketing strategy, one must not underestimate the effectiveness of traditional offline marketing practices. 

What is offline marketing?

Offline marketing includes all channels that deal with promoting a business through methods other than digital, online means. It is inclusive of television, radio, print advertisements, in-person events, and much more. 

These days, many businesses tend to aim their focus on online marketing techniques. But the reality is that the best marketing strategies are meant to combine online and offline techniques to form a multichannel marketing strategy. 

Having a multichannel campaign provides you with greater mediums to reach your target audience, gives you the opportunity for greater brand exposure, and ensures that all segments of your market are focused on. 

But, how do you make sure that your offline marketing strategies are effective and beneficial for your business in this digital age? We’ve shortlisted six of the most useful offline marketing tips for you to follow:

1. SMS Marketing

One of the most commonly overlooked strategies is SMS marketing. Many businesses mistakenly believe that mass communication through SMS does not provide the personalized, targeted marketing they require. But the truth is that this is a direct channel that allows for immediate delivery. 

Statistics show that SMS marketing boasts of a 97% read rate within the first 15 minutes of delivery, while 45% of SMS campaigns have been known to be successful and generate significant return on investment. 

SMS marketing also helps you increase customer engagement, as texting is now a common form of communication for many consumers out there. 

2. Offer free workshops/consultations

Promoting your business doesn’t just have to be limited to an advertisement. Using your platform and expertise to share your skills with your target audience can help you get additional exposure for your business. 

Offering a free workshop or consultation will attract even those who are skeptical about your business. People love events, and they also love free offers. So take advantage of this by holding a free consultation for each new customer or offering complimentary information sessions and training for your audience. 

3. Advertise your business with eye-catching posters

Vibrant, engaging content doesn’t just have to be confined to the internet and social media. Print advertisement has been a classic promotional strategy that many businesses no longer use. However, advertising the traditional way through posters has its own set of benefits that social media marketing can not compare to. 

Creating a vibrant promotional poster that matches your brand image allows you to gain more visibility. Whether you place it in a store window, a subway station, or pin it up on a noticeboard, anyone walking that side is bound to catch a glimpse of what you have to offer. 

The greatest thing about poster advertising is that it is one of the most cost-effective methods out there. With free online design tools like PosterMyWall, you can get inexpensive access to a large variety of business flyers and customize them to fit the theme of your business. Choose the colors of your brand, select a bold font for your message, and print out a bunch of flyers to catch the eye of your target audience. 

4. Hand out business cards

Whether or not you’re living in the digital age, a business card is an essential item. Business cards allow you to quickly and effectively provide a customer with an easy way to get in touch with your business. 

The belief that there is little need for traditional business cards just because you have an online presence makes you miss out on many opportunities. You can add all your important business details, from your brand name to your website URL and contact information, onto one compact source and use it as an easy way for people to know who you are. 

5. Speak at events

If you want an easy and effective way to boost your visibility in the industry, head for the stage. 

Heading to industry events and choosing to be vocal on topics you are well-versed in gets you the opportunity to reach out to new audiences and gear it toward your business. Turn heads with an engaging speech and use this attention to hand out information on your business and what it offers. Research has proven that speaking engagements are the second most effective way to get leads.

Putting yourself in front of an interested audience who wants to hear what you have to say is the perfect opportunity to market yourself and your business.

6. Find your way into the newspaper

The newspaper may be considered by many to be an old and overly traditional method of marketing, but that does not mean they are not effective. Chances are, a significant proportion of your audience still reads the newspaper and will be more than likely to come across your ad. 91% of newspaper readers have reported that they take action after looking at an insert.

Running an ad in your local newspaper is an inexpensive way to broaden your marketing strategy and reach out to customers who might not be familiar with other, more modern mediums. 

While digital marketing is the popular method to promote your business in this day and age, underestimating the worth of offline marketing causes you to lose out on many chances. These six effective marketing strategies will help you take a step into the world of offline marketing so you can have a multichannel strategy that helps your business prosper.